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Help :(

The best thing u can do is forget about it and drink more water it's done don't bet yourself up or u might do more damage and eat more what did u have ????


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Tomorrow is another day, don't beat yourself up about just get back on it in the morning and remember this feeling, it will help you to not cheat again x
Thanks for the support!
I feel like I've let myself down, I've just started a new job, and have been working 6am - 7pm, so it was a moment of weakness haha.

I had some chips and a cookie (not together obviously)
I didn't even enjoy them which makes it even worse.

Tomorrow will be better :) I'm not working weekends, so it will give me time to sort myself out again :) xx
Its important to remember that this diet is really hard. If it was easy no one would be over weight. Think of all the good days you've had and be proud of them. One slip will not set you back too much. You'll still lose weight this week.


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Hi Amy/ caz
Hope you're both going to have a better day today. Must have been something in the water yesterday I had a shocker too. Yelled at hubby and kids, ended up going to bed at 8 just so that the day was over.
Here's to a good, positive weekend!
Had another bad day today, I literally don't know whats up with me! I don't even want to eat! I'm going to put it down to time of the month, not had one while I've been on this, as I've only been on it for 16 days now, so hopefully this will pass! I've lost 1lb since weigh in, next weigh in is on thursday, so I'm going to have my three shakes as normal today and the rest of the week and hope for the best! x
I know, I've done really well, so I don't know why I've cheated, the last thing I want to do is put weight on, but I'm just feeling really weak and vulnerable at the minute so food is the first place I go haha! To be fair, today has really put it in perspective to me, I feel bloated and like I've put a million lbs on, so tomorrow, I'm going to lock myself in a room with my shakes and just sleep haha!

Once I get back in to the swing of things I'm sure I won't do this again, like everyone has said, its such an extreme diet, cheating now and again is bound to happen.

You've done really well losing 8lb!
Like you said, tomorrow is a new day and today is the past :)
Roll on my shake when I wake up haha! Going to go to bed soon so I'm not tempted to ruin it even more haha!

I've cheated, just little bits for the past 3 days though, not like huge amounts, but like a cookie, or a bit of cake, I've just been dying for flavour and texture!

Lets hope I've not actually put weight on, because I think I'd cry! x
I'm +1lb, but lets look at it this way, its totally fixable by weigh in!
Yeah, let me know how you get on!
We'll get through this together haha, tomorrow is a new day :)
Night! Speak to you tomorrow xx

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