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You're doing an extreme diet - so it can be hard to get back on once you fall off, but remember when you do go back on the weight will come off quickly. Have a day of distraction activities planned and don't give yourself time to think about food. When I feel really low I plan about two hours at a time. Clean a room, have a cup of tea, do a bit of garden and then it's time for a pack. Think about what you have done when you have been successful and how being successful makes you feel. You will get there one baby step at a time.
I think that's the key. Keeping busy and breaking my day up into chunks. I always fall late afternoon so need to prepare myself. Thankyou! Xx

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Try splitting the packs up cos it gives you 8 mini meals to prepare . Also add an extra pack if you get really desperate ? I think you are going on your hold soon ? Hang a bikini on the bread bin !!!! X
I am right there with you kirstybethcharlotte sounds like we had the same week!! :sigh:
I was just about to write up a really similar post. I sort of tried to do WS but found the calorie counting hard. (Just ordered a book off Ebay to help me when i need to plan)
It should have been AAM week for me this week but i am not going to do it. I have got right back in the saddle today!
I think it's going to be even tougher :cry:
I will be checking in more on here to keep me on track so will be looking out for you too, maybe we can support each other! :hug99:
The bonus for me was i still lost a pound but knew it could and should have been more.
Good luck with getting back on track....we can do it!!
How you doing lottagirlie? I'm trying to stay very focused today. My husbands birthday so busy organising birthday stuff! Hope it's going well for you xx

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Hi kirstybethcharlotte :wavey:glad to hear from you! it's going ok so far... i must say i thought it would be like starting all over again, but i haven't felt hungry like the first time round. I have stuck to it 100% for the last two days. I finish on Friday for the summer and i am much better at home... plan to keep busy though!
Not back in ketosis yet but feel very positive again.
How about you?
How did hubby enjoy his birthday? :bday:
Did you do anything nice?

It was a crazy busy day but that helped. Finished for the summer last week but I find it easier when I'm at work.
You're doing so well I know if I get through the first few days I'll be ok. Got my holiday 4 weeks in Saturday think I'm going to struggle losing 21 pounds by then! Do you have a target date?

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I had given my goal weight as 10 stone and given myself the end of August beginning of September as the date.
As i am only 5ft 2" i need to get down to 9 and a half really so i will probably carry on past that i reckon.
How has your week been so far?

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