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had a really bad day yesterday as found out i need surgery on my toe so stuffed my face for comfort hadnt planned my meals so think that as to blame too any advice of tasty recipes for tea and any1 who can give me a kick up the backside is more than welcome too! positive note i had done an hour in the gym y.day morning :)
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you could try syn free soup.
whack a bag of frozen veg (casserole mix from asda is good) in a big pan, with wter and veg stock cubes and whatever spices you fancy and boil it then weither have it chunky or blitz it and enjoy. plus its syn free so you could eat it all and it may help you get back on track.
Hope the op is nothing too major :) x
If u have a look in the recipies section there are tons of ideas for meals. There are also peoples food diaries to view to get some ideas. Have a browse through


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have some bone removed and then a wire put in to straighten it it wont bend fully ever again im mainly gutted about struggling with exercise for 6 weeks :( i'll try that i think had chicken salad before for lunch so im doin well today no syns so far but there is a bag of snack a jacks with my name on them lol


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Not sure but cant swim :( been spot on today thank god lol thanks for every1s support xx


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Just 'cos yeserday was blown, doesn't mean your plan is too.....We all have blips
Have you actually counted-up the syns from yesterday, it really might not be as bad as you think.....

Have you had any of your HEX's yet? I see you've had chicken salad for lunch, are you red or EE today

Oh, and here's that kick you wanted LOL :asskick:
hi hun we all have blips just draw aline under it :) i think the best thing to do for meal ideas is to nose through the food diaries to see what other s/w members are having thats what i do if i'm stuck, good luck with ur toe op xx


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ee had a bag of snackajacks which are 6 syns nd havent had my hexa yet - thanks for that kick y.day i had snackajacks 6syns crisps 5 syns and chipsz and curry sauce from chinese ???syns they were my syns nd didnt have a hexa coz dont really do cheese or milk as such going to have hot milk tonight tho :)
well, a standard chipshop chips is 17.5 (26 for large) and curry sauce 6 so, it's not as bad as going out drinking 5 pints of beer (that's how I use most of my syns)
never really looked at it like that only joined on tuesday but class seems great but the support on here is fab going to gym again on tuesday mornin nd im gonna make the treadmill cry ill pound it that hard lol :D

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