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Newbie please Help!

Hi all!

I'm new to Slimming world so don't really know exactly how it works. I've had to sign up online as there are no groups near me at convenient times :(

I'm just over a stone overweight at the moment so the first aim it to get that off. I've had success in the past with vlcd. I lost 5 stone and have been lucky enough to keep the bulk of it off but have recently found weight sneaking back on.

I'm a regular gym goer but my diet is terrible. I don't cook and snack constantly! I know SW is all about making meals from scratch so have pre planned my meals for next week and started my prep today.

For breakfast I had a strawberry muller yogurt. I've just made the chargrilled chicken pasta salad with mint dressing which was pretty tasty but don't think I'll make it again! And I've got BBQ pulled pork in the slow cooker.

Any hints and tips would be appreciated. I'll be weighing in every Sunday
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Welcome Cunners:classic_smile:

If you click on the link below it helps explain how SW works...


Well done on losing 5 stone and keeping most of it off, that’s a wonderful achievement and you should be very proud of yourself :0clapper:

My first tip is to do a food diary and write everything down...I find it helps me to keep focused and remain accountable.
Next make sure you are drinking enough water and if you like snacking have free foods at the ready and make sure you Syn those that have a Syn value.

Join the Challenged on here or feel free to start your own and others will join you...links below and if you need help please ask:classic_smile:

So according to Slimming world website this has 0 syns. It's brocolli, cottage cheese, less than 3% fat cheddar cheese sprinkled on top with cherry toms and spring onions.... looks good, we'll see what it tastes like later.

Just settling down with a brew. Going to have 3 ginger nuts with it. They're 48 cals each so is that 7 syns??

Also, how many syns in nuts?


Just working out what I've had today, please let me know if I'm wrong.

Breakfast - muller light strawberry
Snack - Tesco lighter cereal bar (is this HEXB??)
Lunch - chargrilled chicken pasta salad
Snack - 3x gingernut biscuit (7 syns)

Dinner will be cheesy brocolli bake (I think this uses HEXA)

Does this sound right?
So day 2;
Breakfast 2x wholemeal loaf (is this HEXB??) With scrambled egg
Lunch slimming world cheesy brocolli bake (0 syns on website used light cheese HEXA I Think?)
Dinner slimming world pulled pork with sweet potato jacket
Snack muller light

Have I had syns today? I had butter on my toast??

Any help would be appreciated!
Your meals look good, but you need more speed food.

Speed , like salad- lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and veg- carrots, broccoli, cauli, etc.

Try and pack out your meals with at least a third speed foods.

Snack on fruit.

Butter will be 2 syns per level teaspoon, so your better to change to a lighter version and knock a syn off per level tsp. I use clover lighter. It melts just like butter.

Bread is 2 slices wm from a small 400g loaf or 60g of any wholemeal bread per healthy extra b.

Tesco healthy living cereal bars are 2 bars per heb.

Hope this helps x
You should try filling a bowl with fresh fruit, raspberries, blue berries etc and cover that with your mullerlight. That will include your speed food for breakfast x
As a rule , anything that has no free food allowance ( choc, biscuits, crisps) are 1syn per 20 cals, so at 48 cals your ginger nuts will be 2.5 syns each.
Thanks green eyes monster, I do need to eat more speed food. I have had spinach and tomatoes in my lunch as well as brocolli but for dinner there hasn't been a vegi it site haha. Glad that I can actually have 2 Tesco bars! Wasn't aware of that.

Menu today has been;

Breakfast - muller light and an orange
Lunch - sw chicken pasta with spinach and tomatoes
Snack - Apple and quinoa bar (150 cals so 7.5 syns)
Dinner - (I was rushing) toastie using 2x wholemeal bread (hexb) small amount of primula cheese used instead of butter and thinly sliced lighter cheese (hexa) with ham
Supper - spaghetti hoops

How am I looking?
All looks good, but eat more froot and veggies my lovely x
👍good lass .
I decided to start doing my shopping online to avoid buying things that I shouldn't. I've ordered some microwave veg packs and some pre cooked chicken to have in work next week. Makes things a little easier than having to batch cook my lunches as well as my dinner.

I've also found a recipe for syn free cheese and onion pasties and syn free sausage rolls so I've bought the ingredients needed for those. I think they will be fab for dinner with some SW chips and lots of veg.

I am feeling positive but I'm so disappointed in myself for gaining over 2 stone when I did so well to keep it off. I'm feeling very unattractive at the moment and an ex of mine (he moved away for uni it wasn't messy) has been in contact and wants to meet up. I'd love to but I can't bring myself to do it when I'm at the biggest I've been since losing weight.

Writing everything down helped me last time and kept me motivated so hopefully it will again. I'm really hoping for a decent loss in week 1 to spur me on. Anyway, must stop rambling and go to sleep, I'm up for a swim in the morning.

Night peeps x
Happy hump day!

I have an insatiable appetite today for some reason. I've been eating fruit like it's going out of fashion but I'm still hungry!

Breakfast - muller light, 2x small oranges
Snack - Apple
Lunch - brocolli bake

Think I'm gonna get myself a brew and see if that helps.
Eat some protein, I find that helps when nothing else will do.

Ham or chicken breast x
Well after a great start at work this evening was a disaster!

I lost my house key and my house mate wasn't in so ended up having to go to my mum's. Obviously no healthy food there. I had 2x poached eggs but on warbies white bread as that's all she had in... 11 syns! Plus the butter which was 2 syns and the the red sauce which is another syn... 13 syns for something that wasn't even great.

Then to top it off i had a shortbread cookie too which I imagine is around 10 syns.

I would mind but I had my syn free dinner pre prepared at home. Looks like tomorrow I will be having a syn free day!


Slimming for a better lifestyle
Did you get all the books from SW? They should send those out to you when you sign up online. They will be a huge help with regard to healthy extras and syns.

Also, if you go to the "shop" section on the SW website they have a lot of really fantastic recipe books. I have quite a few of them and they are great for getting interesting meal ideas.

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