Help :-/

Hey guys,

I joined Slimming World last night, after very little consideration and armed with pretty much zero knowledge of the plan, sounds stupid I know, but I was just sooo desperate to find something simple to follow, to help me lose the weight that exercise alone just isn't shifting, and the small amount that I had learnt seemed ideal for me and my family.

So I went to the meeting, really enjoyed it and left feeling really inspired, raring to go with a membership, my pack and heaps of enthusiasm! Until I woke this morning that is.... :-/

My first obstacle was my morning coffee. I usually have kenco 2-1, I know coffee is free, and milk could be my healthy extra, but what about these sachets? :-/ no amount of googling could answer, so then I couldn't find my cereal in the book, so had fruit for breakfast and starved until lunch :-/ I figured it was better to eat nothing at all unless I was positive that was I was on the right track.

The thing is, and I feel really stupid for admitting this, but I'm not finding the plan very easy at all :-( I've read tons and tons, to the point where my brain is numb. I think the main problem I have is that I already did my shopping before I started SW, I bought tons of healthy stuff, but can't seem to find any SW recipes to make use of the stuff I already have at home. If that makes sense? I guess next week will be easier, I'll be able to choose recipes and just buy the ingredients for them. But I sooo don't want to put on weight between now and then.

I feel so incredibly down and sooo useless tonight! Why am I not finding it as easy as everyone else :-/ I don't want to lose heart, I've not even made it through one whole day yet!

Will welcome any advice or encouragement

Steph Xxxx

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Hi ya!!

Don't worry - it's a lot to take in at first, in no time at you you'll be in the swing of things. Everyone works it thier own way and thats the great thing about SW - doing what suits you!!

If you are a member at SW, then you have access to SW on line, which has a great little search feature to search for syns. Until then it may be easier to stick to what you know.
If you have the books then the cereals that are a HEXB are listed in there, maybe you could switch to them (i.e weetabix, shredded wheat, all bran etc)
I'm not sure about the sachet coffee so again, I stick to what I know. I use coffee granuals and the milk is from my HEXA allowance,

hope this helps - and don't worry - you'll get there!! x


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It will take a week or two to get used to SW and then it will be second nature. It's like learning any new skill - you're not going to be an expert overnight. You're going to make mistakes as well so don't be so hard on yourself

When you joined your consultant should have written a PIN number inside your book - this will give you access to the member's section of the SW website. You can look up syns values there and work them out on the syn calculator if they are not listed .

Your coffee sachets will be synned sorry so better to change to ordinary coffee. What cereal did you have? You may be able to use it as a HEB (huge list is online) but if it's a sugary one it would need to be synned if you are going to carry on having it. We put on weight for a reason and you need to be prepared to change some of your eating habits though.

There is a huge recipe sub-forum on here, also a recipe section on the SW website, and check out for lots of SW friendly recipes from one of our members.

What stuff do you have in the house that you need to use up. Let us know and we'll see if we can help :)
Awww thanks guys, was feeling such a failure!

I'm happy to make the changes, if anything I think the easiest thing would be to follow a set menu, that way I can stay focused and I won't have to think too much, if that makes sense? I have 3 children, 2 under 3years, so I'm not great at thinking!! Haha!

My inlaws came for dinner tonight, initially I thought I'd do spag and meatballs, making the meatballs from some low fat WW sausages I have. But I didn't know how to work the sauce out, would it have been free (canned toms and veggies?) or synned? :-/

I also wanted to do a spaghetti carbonara, using low fat creme fraishe, bacon with fat trimmed etc and spinach... But I wasn't sure if that was allowed either.

I'm gonna check out the website and start again tomo, I feel disheartened but determined not to give up!

Thanks again, your responses have really helped, if you can help with ideas for the above ingredient that would be fab! :)

I'm gonna make some "magic porridge" tonight, is this free on the EE plan? Though I'd use toffee muller light and plain porridge oats? Is this right? Sorry for soooo many Q's

Steph Xx

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Okay, so your WW sausages are synned (not sure how much though) tinned toms & veggoes are free, as is spag as long as its dried. If you use oil of any kind except frylight thats synned at 6 syns a tablespoon

Spag carbonara - your bacon with fat cut off, & spinach is fine. Low fat rather than fat free creme fraiche is synned (again, not sure on syns but its in your book). Again, any oil used is synned at 6 syns a tablespoon.


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Maybe you could post a list of some of the food you have bought and we could reccommend some recipe's for you?? There are loads of good cooks round here!

For your meatballs, why not use extra lean mince and roll them yourself instead of using sausage meat??


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Don't forget you can also contact your consultant for help. Mine regularly reminds us to text, call or email if we have any questions or need support.
Thank you!! :) I'm feeling so much better about it all now.

Next week should be good, I'll just buy accordingly, just wish I hadn't done all shopping before (literally an hour before lol) joining SW. typical!

Thank you for the recipes, can't believe how much we can eat!

I'd seriously love some suggestions for the stuff I already have! :-D

Spinach leaves
Meat-free mince (not a veggie, just use as less fat etc)
Chopped chicken breast
Stupid weight watchers sausages, (that I'm beginning to resent for the trouble they've caused me today! Haha)
Creme fraishe, (because when I skim-read a few recipes last week I thought I'd seen it, now realise I'd actually read "fromage frais" instead! Duh!)
Loads of frozen veggies

That's about it in terms of meals I think...


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Just checked the sausages for you they're either 1/2 per sausage or 1 syn if they were the thick pork ones so don't think you ve gone too far wrong :)

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Re recipes
You could make a curry with your chopped chicken and spinach - throw in some extra veg you like -- just be aware between free and superfree or maybe a chicken hotpot topped with sliced potato
Your mince you could do either spaghetti bol, chilli, or lasagne again add veg and tinned tomatoes/passata which is free

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I think I can see a chicken and spinach curry, sausage casserole (with frozen veggies) spag bol (meat free mince) and/or carbonara (eggs bacon)


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What's magic porridge I've never came across this before. How do you make it and is it free on green, red or ee


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magic porridge is a mullerlight, in which you soak 28g of porrige in overnight. I like to add fruit to mine.
Mullerlight free, porridge Hexb.
Myself I think its a little babyfood textured, but n morning where I need a filling breakfast for the time cost of opening a fridge door, I'll take it :)


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Hi StephieShrinks.
Welcome to the best SW forum!
If you use the "search" function on this site you can find lots of recipes and as others have said, go on the SW website for 7 day ideas.
We all struggled when we first started, getting to grips with the "book". I found the hardest part was to get rid of the "unhealthy food" such as pizza, chicken nuggets etc that lurked in the freezer!
If you ever get stuck just ask, someone will have the answer.
Good Luck.
Feeling sooo much more positive today, thank you guys!!

I've had magic porridge (which was a massive hit with DH and kids :) ) and I'm currently tucking into a delicious omelette, which I think is made using only free foods :-D

Tonight's dinner is a pasta and chicken bake, using homemade sauce from canned toms and veggies (is this free? Xx)

I'll get there, will stick it out and learn a little more everyday :)

Thanks again for the ideas, so pleased I found this forum! You guys are fab! Xxxxxx

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Your sauce will be free if you don't use oil. Just remember alot of SW us about how its your ommlette ingredients may be free, but if you cooked with oil you would need to syn that.
Am using fry light for everything (is that right?) xx

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