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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by pudge30, 10 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    I have totally lost the plot on Slimming World and I am finding it so hard to stay on the diet.

    Im getting mad at myself for being like this but im really struggling to change my way of thinking about food and changing my way of cooking etc I have never really been into cooking and just head for the freezer for processed food. I know it shouldnt feel like a diet but i think it does all i think about it food so im always hungry and nothing fills me up (even a big meal) i feel like I have a bottomless stomach.

    Can someone please give me a smack around the face and put some sense into me because I hate looking the way I am.
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  3. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    If you know that you are a freezer person then you can make your own SW friendly freezer meals, it just means dedicating some time to it.

    Chip some potatoes and par boil. Spray with frylight and then put in freezer bags. These can go in the freezer and then you have oven chips ready to go whenever you need them.

    Spend a Sunday making a cottage pie, lasagne, pasta sauce etc. Portion up into take away tubs and freeze these for ready made dinners.

    You should never need to feel hungry on SW. You can spend all day eating things like carrot sticks, cucumber, chopped up melon with fat free greek yoghurt. If you feel hungry then you should eat. That's the joy with SW there is always something on plan that you can reach to.

    Maybe if you post up here some of the things you are missing we can help you find SW friendly alternatives. Or maybe post up a couple of days worth of food that you have been having and people can suggest where you could add something in to make it more filling.
  4. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    Thank you I didnt realise you could do that with SW chips im definately doing that because we have them at least twice a week with different things.

    My problem is when i get home from work i start to pick the wrong things like chocolate lol im going to have to have a cuppa tea as soon as i get in as that seems to stop me for about an hour lol.

    My problem is im a little bit down at the moment and everything feels like such an effort and a chore i need to snap out of it and get back on track ASAP.
  5. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    It's tough when you're feeling a bit rubbish but try to think how good you will feel if you have a good weight loss.

    I like to buy some of the pre-cut up fruit pots from the supermarket. Mango chunks are my favourite. They feel a bit more special than just your usual banana or apple and make a great quick little snack for when you are feeling picky.

    I'm also hitting the options hot chocolate hard at the moment, it's great for a chocolate fix and only 2 syns. Great for this time of year when the weather is rubbish and all you want to do is curl up under a blanket and hide.
  6. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    Thank you xx
  7. Cat_g_83

    Cat_g_83 Member

    It is really hard when you are feeling down. I find my will power goes down the tube when I am really hungry. I carry a banana/apple/satsuma in my hand bag along with a hifi bar (or an alpen light) so I can eat those when I am starving. It helps me make better decisions.

    You said you have never really been into cooking. Have you had a look at the recipes on this board? In the recipes section there are some super tasty easy meals that you can then freeze into portions. My plan for this afternoon (my day off) is to make a mega batch of syn free chilli which I then freeze in portions and can get out to go with potatoes, rice, pasta etc.

    Good luck and keep going. You can do it! XXX
  8. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    Thanks Cat_g_83 xx

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