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Mrs B

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(((hotty25))). Sometimes we do things (ok eat things) without thinking. If we didn't we probably wouldn't be here. Draw a line under it (as everyone says) and get straight back on your diet. But remember how it made you feel when you realised what you'd done. I don't think a ham sandwich will do much harm weight wise but it might knock you out of ketosis and make you feel hungry again (I don't know).

Good luck.


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forget it, dont feel guilty, get straight back to it
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in the grand scheme of things 2 slices of bread and ham is not a major blip...

you have managed 50 days... some people dont manage 50 hours!!!!!!

you have done amazingly, just jump back on my wagon with me!


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Don't beat yourself up about it! Just carry one as if you didn't have it. Don't (do what I would have done in the past) use it as an excuse to fall completeley off the waggon. 50 days is brilliant! I'm only on day 15 and if I could do as well as you I would be chuffed! Hang in there with the help of this forum. The support is amazing. You are only human.
As the others have said, don't beat yourself up about it and don't give up because of it - it's just one small blip and won't do much harm diet wise but could do more harm if you stress over it. It could knock you out of ketosis as the body now has some carbs to use up, but if you get straight back on the wagon you'll soon get back into ketosis again, it's not like at the beginning when it takes 3-5 days. You may feel hungry later, but stay focussed, keep drinking the water and you'll soon be back where you were. One ham sandwich will not do much damage to your weight loss, as the amount of cals is not that horrendous, but you may retain water for a day or two if you WI is coming up.

Keep your chin up and get straight back on board :hug99:


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You'll be fine, just drink plenty of water and flush it all out. You should be back to ketosis in now time.

Congrats on the 50 days, well done.:)
hi hotty. dont feel to bad its not like u had a mad binge or anything. u just had a slip. drink plenty of water and you will be back in ketosis in no time. 50days is brill well done u

becky x


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Get glugging that water and put it behind you. Hang in there xx

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