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Hi all,
I am on day 4 of CD and am finding it so hard to take the shakes or the soup. Even looking at the packets make me wanna gag:sign0137:. What the heck am I gonna do? I wanna do this so bad for my big day in June.
The last 3 days I have only managed half of each of my packs.... I dunno whats wrong with me. I feel like I would rather go hungry than drink the packs.:needhug:
Does anyone have any tips to make them a bit more edible??
I would appreciate any suggestions... im desperate.
Thank you so much
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Hi Slimbride

Im on LT which is similar to CD and I too couldn't stomach the shakes. They didn't reach my stomach before it came back. Ive since realised that its the smell. I now put cotton wool up my nose before I make the shake then I drink it down in one followed by a pint of water. I can now get them down easily. Can't help with the soups sorry because I don't have them. Good Luck!
Thank you

Hi Fat Girl Slim,
LOL:p, that is so funny...... very inventive to say the least........
Gonna give that a try later, let you know how I get on.
Thanks a million.
How long have you been on LT now?
This is my 3rd week, get weighed on Saturday which Im looking forward to as a have been 100% since day one. You should see me at work trying to get the shake down with cotton wool up my nose without anyone seeing me.

Give it ago, I know its extreme but I think I would have given up by now if I had't found an answer.
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Hi, i know on cd you can have bars and tetras which help, the other option is to turn your pack in to a muffin. It's the only way i can stomach them!! The recipe is on the CD thread and the trick to making them is to use as little water as possible, only just enough to bind it together. I find the chocolate one works best. Good luck ... must be better than cotton wool!!


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I also used to gag on the packs. I used to make a chocolate muffin. How I just have the tetra bricks.
have you tried the tetra's? there alot tastier i find. i usally have some shake then water. but just think of it as medicine and get it into as quick as poss. dont even think about it!!


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Hi Slimbride,

I'm on day 4 too and have really struggled aswell. I woke up feeling really tired and with a headache. Like you i've also struggled with the shakes today.
I just keep thinking it's another day down and another day closer to finishing.
Stay positive:)
PS would def recommend the tetras, chocolate is yummy.
freeze the tetras and make them into ice cream!! Use the mix-a mousse, much nicer honest.

my tatses with the packs change all the time - try and stick with it hun, it'll be worth it in the end xx
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I tend to have a sip of shake then a sip of water to wash it down when I am not fancying a pack. The other thing that got me through was the thought of the bars when you get further in which are great by the way!!!

The caramel ones jsut taste like a cadburys fudge!!!!

So try your best to just muddle through and look forward to the bars and being slim!!!

Keep going

I will try the muffin thing tomorrow and see how I get on, my cdc will only give me 7 tetra packs per week so will have to try to get used to the shakes.
Any ideas on how to make the veg & chicken & mushroom soup taste nicer?:sign0137:

I am so glad I founf this forum and you all, you are all amazing!!!!!:p:talk017::wow:
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sorry you are struglling hon, but why will your CDC only give you 7 tetras a week? surely you are the paying customer, you should be able to choose what you want!
Some people only ever do CD on tetras......personally I think that its terrible that she limits them...especially if it makes a very tough journey easier for you to complete!
I would have a word with her... I would !!

Good luck for the next few days...
Louise XX

Just thinking, maybe she only had a limited stock last time you went?? I would deffo ask for more if you find them easier to swallow!


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I can stand the shakes unless I make them with ice cubes .4 ice cubes and 150 ml or more of water in a blender till ice is well mixed or 6/8 ice cubes and a slash of water blend for 2 mins .you will find they taste totaly different dont know why but only way I can drink them .Do have any ideas about the soups but some add herbs or curry powder to them .Have a look at recipe thread as the porridge is also a fav of mine and well worth a try xx
I was exactly the same as you the first few days I didnt think I would be able to continue as I was gagging at the thoughts of even opening the pack was was making me ill.

I hadnt taken the tetras as I didnt think I would be bothered with the flavours. Anyway after getting advice from the girls on here, I contacted my cdc and she switched all my packs for tetras and I havent looked back.

They are so easy and no problems getting them down :)

Try talking to your cdc about the difficulties you are having or consider switching to a cdc who will be more considerate as there is no reason to limit the shakes in this way....
ur cdc should let u have more than 7 tetras a weeks one of the girls who goes to my cdc get all 21 tetras as she can take the shakes. only thing u have to do is drink more water.

if not that y dont u get the mix-a- mousse the choco mint is lush or the bars from week 2

hope that helps ashley xx

Thank you so much for your replies guys you are the best!!!:)
The reason my cdc would only give me 7 is she says if she were to give lots to all her clients she would run out very quick. I will have a word with her at my one week weigh in and let her know how I am feeling.
Hopefully the gag factor will ease off in the next couple of days.... I have tried the banana tetra and dont find that easy either... think it is the smell that majorly puts me off.
My wedding is on the 19th of June in Tuscany and I would LOVE to be a size 14 for that..... am a size 18 at the mo.... so no matter what I have to stick with this.
Does anyone know if you still lose a good bit of weight each week if you use the add a meal ??
Thanks so much....
Good luck on all your weight loss journeys. xoxo
Think over the month that WW on AAM average out to be roughly the same as SS, maybe a pound or so difference.

Hope you manage to sort out your worries with the packs. Maybe your CDC will let you have bars at your week 1 weigh in if you explain you are struggling so much. Not a fan of banana tetra either much prefer chocolate (but I've also gone off them just now).

Just an idea, if you know you like the choc tetras, why not email your CDC in advance and see if she can order a week's supply for you. I email my CDC in advance to ensure she has everything I want, think she puts her order in on Thursday morning and its delivered Saturday.


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Hey do u have an electric mixer? i find this sooo helpful when having the shakes. I'd even consider buying 1 if u dnt have as it really does help-- especially 1 that crushes ice.
And if you havent already, then order the choc tetras they r wonderful! I have one as a drink and one as an icecream every day and always a spicy tomato soup for dinner- i couldnt handle anything else! x

Deb G

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Can you not make the muffins and crisps instead? That's what a lot of people do.

Alternatively, stick with it! I went through a whole week of almost gagging, but then my body (stomach and tastebuds) got used to it and I was fine after that!
The reason my cdc would only give me 7 is she says if she were to give lots to all her clients she would run out very quick.
Sorry but thats down to her lack of planning in her ordering, she should order the amounts to meet the demands!!! Surely being a CDC is about providing an individual service to her clients isnt that what we pay for?

I hope she listens to you when you talk to her, but if she doesnt I would really consider changing CDC

Best of luck

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