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Oh God

For the last 3 days I have been cheating and picking. I havent had a full meal but Ive just been constantly picking.

Because I have been doing this I havent been drinking the milkshakes properly either.

Oh I feel terrible about this. I was doing so well too.

Please any advice would be welcome or failing thata good kick up the ass would do!!!
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A kick up the arse is in order, now stop bloody picking, you cant pick then cry about it, stop it now!
Your very naughty.................now is a cuddle your after, come here then now be good xxxx


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Aww hun, im sure it becomes a habit to keep picking, but you either need to stop quickly or refeed. You will regret it hun so pick yourself up and carry on xxx


Desires to be slim....
You have taken the first step and told someone about it. Now you gotta STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN where possible. You've done sooo well so far. 16lbs!! What week are you in now hun?

Try on some of your clothes that are too tight for you still or when you feel the urge to 'pick', go and stand in front of the mirror and take a look at yourself and ask whether you are happy with the way you look.......That has saved me a few times in the last week...trust me!!!!:rolleyes:

You need to ask yourself whether you are committed to the diet and serious about wanting to lose weight right now. I have asked that question so many times in the last week to myself and the day i answer 'no', will be the day i quit......

I dont want to sound harsh hun but if you are not then there is no point torturing yourself.
I think i have only lost 2lbs this week and was frustrated last night about it and kept asking was all this worth it......I woke up this morning and have drank 2lt of water already and am starting my 3rd now because i do want to be slim for the summer for once and i would like to walk into the likes of Topshop and know that i can fit into their clothes.....

What have you been picking at? Maybe you are lucky and it wont have kicked you ot of ketosis so you can pick up the good work from where you left off....

Draw a line in the sand and start afresh....I have faith in you..xxx
Thanks Guys

I just needed someone to tell me to stop. I know in my heart and soul I want to lose the weight and not have to try and hide all my lumps and bumps in the summer or ever ever again.

I just needed a bit of support and a kick up the ass.

So I am determined to get back on track. If Ive knocked myself out of ketosis so be it. It took me three days before to get ketosis and I will do it again.

Thanks again for the support I honestly dont know where I would be without this forum.


Desires to be slim....
Thats the attitude!!!!xxxx
Hi Lianna
Thanks for that. Youre an angel.

No I have not reached my goal at all. I still have at least 3 stone to go.

I have been picking mainly at chicken and sausages. But it doesnt matter coz I wont be picking again.

Ive had my breakout and now its back to normal. I am fed up of being fat and selfconcious and I booked my holiday to New York with my best mates today.

They are all size 10's and 12's and when I go to New York I want to be a size 12 and shop for pretty clothes!!!!!!

So I am determinedto stick with it but do need the support of the forum as no matter how supportive my family and friends are (which is brilliant by the way) they dont understand but you guys do.

I hadnt looked at this forum in 3 days and honestly think that went towards the picking so I will be logging on everyday from now on.


Desires to be slim....
Well at least you didnt reach for the chips or the bread!!! Hopefully the chicken & sausages wil have had minimal impact on your hard work so far.....

Let us know how you get on and how this weeks weigh day goes.....x


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Stick to it, don't pick a pea.... and in no time at all you will look back and say, been there done that worn the trousers.......

It's time to say good bye to frumpy lumpy clothes and hello sexy.....

You can do it, it is your choice, remain focused and the time passes so bloody fast it is unreal.
Thanks Lianna

I have my weigh in tomorrow so hopefully not too much damage. I will live if I dont lose but I will cry if I put on.

Oh well fingers crossed


Back again - hey ho!
Aw good luck Blondie, but next time you feel the urge:

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