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I feel really dizzy and light headed. I dont like this feeling. I have had 3 packs so far today and drank 13 pints of water!!
I could never drive a car feeling like this!!

You have drank an awful lot of water?

Did you drink it over the course of the day?

Of course you can not drive a car if you are feeling dizzy as this would be very dangerous.

Love Mini xxx


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I had this at the beginning quite a lot - I have low blood pressure and thought it may have been that but others on here have also suffered similar lightheadedness. Maybe it is a case of your body getting used to full nutrition and less calories.

Also you have drunk a heck of a lot of water, maybe it is a little too much?!?


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Hi Stardreamer, hope you are feeling better. It sounds as though you drank a lot of water in a short space of time, and managed to flush out your packs before you got the goodness from them.

It's ok to build up to drinking that much water but you need to (a) do it gradually and (b) space it out throughout the course of the day.

Hope you're feeling better honey ;)


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Depending on how fast you drank the water and indeed it is an excessive amount you can overwhelm your kidneys which will react in making you feel unwell.

This feeling of dizzy and faintness could be a sign.

Try drinking alittle less and see how it goes.

It maybe that you have bouts of Low BP but if its constant...



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Thanks for all your replies.
I have spaced out the water throughout the day but did have coffee earlier which may have given me a caffeine kick. My counsellor told me to drink 6 litres so I have been doing that and probably more. My blood pressure the other day was 133 over 90. I do feel better after having my 4th pack. I just did not like the feeling. I felt out of control as if I had had 2-3 glasses of wine. Really woozy. I hope that I do not get this feeling too often. Thanks to everyone for being there.