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go to bed!! easiest thing to do. amke sure u have all ur shakes.. n head to bed early worked for me.. that or get out of the house n do something.. first 3 to 4 days are the worst! ul be flyin after that. keep it up its really worth it. dont forget to drinks lots of water helps with hunger pains too


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Have to agree with Blondie
Bath & Bed for you my dear :)
It really is the hardest thing ever to get over them first few days (I think) BUT on day 4 or 5 you will wonder what all teh fuss was about & be bouncing round full of energy (well I was anyway).
I can sympathise with you today as I am on day 1 & its killing me BUT just drink that water (I actually find black coffee better as I feel liek I have had something hot like a meal)
Good luck hun cos if you get through today you will feel so empowered tomorrow


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Have a nice long hot bath with a book or mag,that may help & make sure you are drinking enough water,warm drink & an early night will help too,but dont eat! it will get easier in a couple of days or so...good luck!!! you can do it!!! caz xx


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Thanks for all your replies i hav got the runs now too sorry tmi! im really debating whether to carry on or just goback to my sw!


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stick with it!! give it 3 or 4 days n ul be flyin seriously


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:patback: come on lisa, you can do this, remember all that enthusiasm you had last week about starting?? Bring it Back Girl!!! You will be fine, i just finished week 1 and i feel fantastic, honestly when you meet us all on the other side (ketosis side) you are going to feel heaps better!
Early night, hot bath and lots of sleep(with a hot water bottle) and youll feel abit better. Hugs for you x


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Be strong today and you will wake up tomorrow so thrilled with yourself. It gets easier from there.

I agree with the others, have a lovely bubble bath with a good book, drink loads of black coffee (and or water) and have an early night and you will crack it.

Good luck !!