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The food DEMONDS :mad::mad:are out in force tonight.... BIG TIME!!! Arrrgggghhh!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:.............
I have been fine for last few days, i'm on day 9 SS CD. I fighting the thoughts of putting food in my mouth, i feel soooooo hungry tonight:cry::cry:. It doesn't help that kids are tucking into crisps and my OH has just made himself a secont tea ( gready ba"*ard).... Yeah i'm feeling sorry for myself:cry::cry: lol!!!!
His food looks so good.:p:p
I keep telling myself to be strong, and am going for a bath soon to get away from my ever supportive family lol!!
I just keep drinking and trying to make myself full, i'm gonna get the demonds back in the cupboard wher they belong with all that bloody food i cant have!!! lol!!!!:8855:
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Hi mandy
i hope you managed to put them back in the cupboard.
Good Luck :)
maria xxx


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The first few days when all I could think about was food I did things like having a hot bath, painting my toenails, painting my finger nails, plucking my eyebrows! One evening I was even walking around the house in my pjs, full make up and heated rollers!

This worked for me and I hope you find this post useful.

E xx
i'm back on track today, i never feel hungry through the day it's the nights i'm the worst. I think i might have to start going to bed at the same time as the kids... can't think about food if your asleep lol!!
I know exactly how you feel, ive made my husband hide all the chocolate from christmas so i cant get tempted, but i have sat there many a night watching my husband eat every mouthfull of his tea lol. it makes me feel worse because i dont want him to feel like he shouldnt be eating what he wants just because im on a diet.


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Im the same, I can do this diet no problem at all through the day, but when my husband and daughter are sitting down to their dinner, I get so fed up! :mad: and I just want to eat something with a bit of texture, but if i do i know I'll feel bad afterwards! Cant win! :8855:

Might sound strange, but I find that if I have a good sniff of what they are having, it sort of curbs my craving..lol..that and I make sure Im full by having my pack and LOADS of water before they eat...it is a killer though... the worst part of this diet by far! :sigh:
It really does send you mad, so much so that I have stuck the most horrendous A4 pictures of me (big fat & flabby :9529:) on my fridge, and everywhere else I might be tempted to pick, everytime I see them, I remember exactly why Im putting myself through this and why it will be worth it in the end....:D

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