Hi everyone,
Way back in November I lost 4stone thanks to CD & my lovely counsellorsMike & Jo. I trotted down to see G.P. for a blood pressure check so I could go to gym & start gentle exercise. B.P. was sky high, no gym,off the CD. Since then I have had to go on medication and this Friday is crunch time. I've taken my form and G.P. information down to him & hopefully I can return to CD & also go to gym. I've provisionally made my appointment for Monday night to see Mike as I'm sure there will not be a problem.
However the damage has been done. Christmas came & went and also a friend died suddenly. I've turned to my comfort in life FOOD. Also my worst enemy and I know the weight is creeping back on cause you can feel it. Spare tyre was a bicycle is now a bus again.Please wish me luck & Mike if you're reading this please don't be too dissapointed in me. will keep you posted
I don't think Mike will ever be disappointed in you. Things happen in life that we have no control over. The important thing is how you tackle them and you are sorting that out now. Good Luck at Drs, and good luck on your new journey to slimdom. You know you can do it, its just a matter of doing it!
Well done on your loss last year too.
I'll echo that - who could ever be disappointed in someone who is not giving up?

Good luck at the doctors ... sending positive vibes your way for your new start! :)
Hey... well done on getting your head back in gear... you seem really focussed!!!

keep us posted!!


Gen xx
I think that you have had a set-back and are now finding your path back to your long term weight loss plan.:) Unfortunately life throws things at us to test us from time to time but you haven't let it beat you and that is the most important thing.

I echo everyone's else's opinion that Mike won't be disappointed in you because you are fighting back and looking forward to a new slim you.

Good luck at the doctors
Hi Scribe....well done on making the decisison to get your weight under have made the first step and Im sure you will succeed. Good luck at the drs...
Hi scribe. I echo what everyone has said. Noone can be disappointed in you when you are still trying and havent given up.
Hope everything is well at the docs and you can start on CD again very soon. x
Life events sometimes take over and it is not possible to follow the diet for a while.

Mike will fully understand this and Mike and Jo will support you once again through your weightloss.

Good luck with the GP.

Goodness...nobody could be disappointed in you! Life gets in the way sometimes. You sound like you're focussed and ready to get back on track. You should be proud of yourself!
Thankyou everyone for your kind words & support. It does help when your feeling low. I'm determined to reach target & stay there this time
Good luck at the Doctors, I have high blood pressure and mine still signed the form. She didnt want to take me off medication but asked me to return after 4 weeks so she could monitor it and review it.

Dont be too hard on yourself, the main thing is to get started again as soon as possible.
Good luck at the doctors.

I too have high BP (not medicated) but the doctor didn't hestitate to sign just asked me to go back in 6 weeks to see if the weight loss has helped my BP.