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Help !

I've been doing CD since September and I've lost 2 stone. I am 6lbs away from having a BMI of 25 and 11lbs away from my target but I just can't get myself through the weekends without falling off the wagon.
I am thinking of joining the weight loss classes at the gym with a friend just to give myself a kick up the butt.
Week days I am absolutely fine - normally fine most of sat then it just goes to pot.
If anyone has any advice that would be fab.
TT xx:wave_cry:
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You don't say if you're on SS or SS+, but you should be consulting your CDC about this - I get a pep talk from mine every week! You should also be ringing her really every time you have 'urges' for food (they are there to counsel, after all).

When you say you are falling off the wagon, is this in a big way, or just a little nibble? (Which wouldn't be so bad really.) And has this made much difference to your weight loss? (You've done so fantastically well, it seems a pity to jeopardise it now! :))

The problem with cheating is that it gets you out of 'the zone' and you often end up doing it again - sounds like you might have got into that kind of cycle. (I nearly did, but managed to get out of it, with some very firm words to myself!) Your post worries me a bit, because I've only been on the diet for a month, and I'm scared of getting bored with it, even though I'm doing so well. My figure is improving so much however, that I hope that's enough of an incentive to keep me going! :eek:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed - for you as well.
:fingerscrossed: Try to stick to it - imagine how fab you'll feel when you get to your target weight, you're so near now!
:cross:... :cross: ... :cross:
I agree with Jaycey and I would suggest doing anything else that you think may help, if thats joining a gym or class with a friend then do it, you are so close to target and in a couple or three weeks you would have achieved your goal, so just hang on in there you have done so well and come so far, surely another 3 weekends of being totally 100% committed is worth it!!

Good luck and fingers crossed for you Lisa xx

miss jelly tot

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Hi Treacle Toes, Im the same. So close to target yet so far :-( I have just been brought the wii fitness coach so hoping that will motivate me too. I agree with about the gym and hopefully it will motivate you to keep going. If you feel like a race to get to target let me know :p:D
Thanks guys for all your words of encouragement.
I am doing SS+ now, I have a fairly physical job and doing SS was making me quite ill, I'm much better on SS+.
My councilor is fab and is always at the end of the phone.
I am joining a weight loss class at my gym - it's a 3 month course at £5 a week. I'm joining with a friend of a friend, who doesn't know I'm doing CD. So I'm hoping to get lots of tips and a personalised diet plan for when I'm at goal and going it alone on CD. I think it will motivate me to get weighed in next to someone as well and have a group support.
Hope you are all having a good Monday xxx

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