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Hi all, ok i have decided to take the plunge and go onto the CD SS plan. Can someone please take me through the process of getting started. I am in the process of trying to find a counsellor at the min. I emailed one but she said she does not do my area, so I may have to ring them tomorrow.
Thanks :)
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She should have told you who is your nearest counciler. Just look on the main CD website and email them. You should then be able to set up your first meeting where you buy your products and you'll be taken through the diet and given a booklet. It's exciting when you know you want to get started. Just start drinking plenty of water and having smaller portions of carbs to make your first week a bit easier for you.

Good luck xxx


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Thanks Sunshine Singer for your help and advice. I did look on the CD website but it seems they have got some details of the counsellors mixed up. Do you also use the forums from the CD site? I am quite excited to get started, OMG listen to me, excited to be starting a diet, I must be crazy hehe. I saw something about teams in the CD section of the forum, do you have to join one?
Many thanks


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Hi Foosey, welcom aboard the CD train, its a great ride it really is, the results are amazing and the forums provides great support, you dont have to join a team but you can if you want, up to you, good luck im sure you will find a CDC near to you, Best of luck.


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Thanks Lin, Oh by the way, Fantastic weight loss, you should be soooo proud of yourself. :clap:


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hope you find a councellor soon. keep us posted x x

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Ooohh that's a pain regarding the CDC mix up online. Maybe you could phone the head office and find out that way. I looked at other sites at the beginning and I know about the CD only forum but I just settled into this one well. I decided to stick with one and give it my all. Have to say it's really brilliant.

Keep us updated xxx


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Thanks Charlotte, i hope i can at least have half of the obvious determination and will power you have shown losing 120lb. Well done you x


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Try the helpline 0800 161412 tomorrow. They should have an up to date list of who's in your area.

Good luck hun!


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I phoned mine from the Cambridge diet website.. had to ring a couple of numbers, cause the first said her books were full at the mo, and to honest, I'm very happy with that cause my CDC's an absolute STAR! :)

Personally, I made my start date a week after seeing her for the first time, so that I could start off just by exchanging a few meals for CD packs tentatively.. I know that many people work down the programmes properly, as it explains in the booklet:


You're best preparing. Some of the way I prepared:

-spent time talking it through with my OH to make sure he was genuinely interested, supportive, and prepared to start shopping, cooking, and eating without me.. (took him for a curry a couple of weeks before the start, and indulged every conversation, and every part of the CD plan in relation to what he'll miss out on, and how I can help make it more enjoyable for him)

-Rearranged a cupboard to make space for the packs, prepared a jug, bowl, glass, spoon and wizzey-thing (haha - what ARE they called?? Haha), and made a space on the side for them.

-read everything there was to read (I go a bit over board with these things.. you really don't need to read the 2006 NICE guidelines on obesity!! haha - I just got a bit into reading - must have been the nerves! :) )

-spent lots of time on minimins

-talked with friend who was on CD already

-chucked out all the bits of food in the house that only I like (if fresh/ cant last/belongs to my old, unhealthy diet)

things i wish i'd done:

-work my way down the CD programmes properly/gradually.
-weaned myself off caffiene well in advance, cause it's not recommended by CD to have a caffiene detox at the same time.
-got into the swing of drinking lots and lots of water on a regular basis earlier
-had a proper think through about how I was going to handle predictable difficult situations, like telling my colleagues, handling social eating situations, having lunch at work without a wizzey-thing, in the first couple of weeks before you can start having bars at work
-taken more measurements and photos at the early stages
-known about the headache and constipation I'd get in the first couple of days, so I could have got some 'fibre89' from my CDC at the begining..
-known that it really, genuinely does get incredibly easy after the first week
-written a letter to myself talking about the things that make me miserable about being bigger/over weight, so that I can remember what i'm doing this for (mostly i remember why..)

I'd say CD's both the easiest and the hardest diet I've ever done. Hardest because there really is no compromise, no hiding, no pretending to myself that something 'counts really', or I'll do better next week... I feel I'm either on CD 100%, or I'm not - it's really simple.. and that's the easy thing about it. it's simply a case of three CDs a day. end of story.

of course, that's not the end of the story, cause I'm discovering exactly what my difficulties with eating have been about, and that's the tricky bit! ..but liberating too!!

All the very best!



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I saw something about teams in the CD section of the forum, do you have to join one?
Many thanks
Hi Foosey

You don't have to join a team, but lots of people find it good as a support and motivation tool. In some teams, I think they add up the team losses over a month and the best team wins. Others (like my favourite - The Shrinking Stones!lol - feel free to join us!) don't and just set team targets for us all to support each other to achieve.

Good luck with your journey.
Thelma :)


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Thank you all for being so friendly and supportive. I can see all your help, support and tips are going to be like treasure to me when i do get started.
Thanks again xx

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Yeah we'll be excited for you too when you get started and help you through the good and bad times. Sounds a bit cheesey but this site and the Shrinklies have kept me going. I can't believe how much I'm loving the diet and seeing results so quickly really keeps me going.


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Hi all, I have made contact with a counsellor who lives 10 mins from me. I spoke to her this evening but unfortunatley she is going on holiday for a few days so I am booked to see her next Wednesday. Oh the drama continues lol. She has advised me that I have to get a medical form signed by a doctor as I have over 4 stones to lose. So hopefully I will get that done this week. Hopefully then my start date will be 20th May. I just hope I dont whinge on to much once I get started and bore you all to tears lol.
Thanks once again for all your help. x
Well done on sorting your CDC, use this week to start upping your water intake and cutting right down on the carbs and you will be well on your way x:)

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Oh that's brilliant. 10mins away will be so easy for you.Such a shame you'll have to wait but keep on here anyway. Don't be silly btw, we all have a good and bad days and help eachother out so you'll be fine

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