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Awww gutting :(

I know this diet can effect your cycles but it should settle back to normal in a while hopefully.


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Hi hon,

I'm on my third one since starting Lighter Life. I have been flooded off my fee yesterday and today. I have had a day off packs today becaus i felt i needed something.

Had x2 babybell x1 muller vitaliy two grapes and a couple bits of chicken and i am stuffed.

Good luck getting over the tough bits.


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HI Nikki,

I am with you there. My cycle has been all over the place since I started on CD even though I am taking the pill. My last free week - nothing happened and now I have one & half weeks left to take before my next free week and TOTM today:mad:

I do hope it settles down soon but this has been happening since Jan 5th:eek: and I can't wait to get some control back.

Good luck with everything and well done on your losses so far.


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hiya, the diet affects my TOTM too i have always had a six seven or even eight week gap between my totms but since starting cd i have had a three week gap and a four week gap. it took me by surprise at first but its perfectly normal and will right itself once your body settles down:) . Not the best of side effects but worth it in the end!