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HELPAm confused about Atkins Diet


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Please help.
I have been doing a low carb, and low calorie diet for almost 5 weeks. I am in ketosis and only lost 5 poxy pounds. My average calorie intake is about 700 per day.
I want to start the Atkins (waiting for the book to come) but I just don't get it.
If you are eating all this high calorie food do you just eat less of it?
Surely if you eat all this, you eat more than 2000 cal per day, so how can you lose weight.
Please someone explain it.
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Where did you get a low carb low cal diet from? By combining both you've prob put your body in starvation mode which is why you haven't lost anymore than you would on SW or WW.
The results here speak for themselves. It would take a very long reply to explain it so you're prob best off to wait for the book to arrive.


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Wow, 700 calories a day? You may as well do a VLCD. Lowcarb is the antithesis of low calorie, so mixing the two was never going to work. Yes, we eat fats, and indeed lots of them - the optimum level is about 60 - 70% of your caloric intake. Atkins actually says in his books that trying to restrict calories will actually slow weight loss! Obviously, none of us go crazy and drink oil from the bottle, but we eat well and make good choices. Definitely read the book when it comes...it's essential
Atkins may seem complicated but it isn't really. You do need to read the book and maybe take a look at The Atkins Community website where there are tutorials in stages to provide all the information and tech support you need.

You are definitely eating way too little and your body is clinging to every calorie! Atkins really does work but you have to do it properly, and follow the simple but important rules. Eating too little on this diet stalls or sometimes even prevents weight loss.

Good luck x


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Calories are irrelevent. Please trust us on this one!

Just monitor your carbs and please, eat a lot more than 700 calories. You need high fat to do low carb so it can't be low calorie. Get plenty of protein and fat and monitor your carbs like they are poisonous!

Please take some time to listen to this later:


There 8 parts and Taubes is a low carb legend. He'll explain it better than we can :)
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As others have said your body is gone into starvation mode and you will not lose weight this way .Also as soon as you go back to normal eating you will put back on anything you lost .

I found it hard at the start of atkins to accept i could eat all these fats and lose weight .It was alien to me but i read the book and did lots of research into how and why .My own thinking on it was that although i was eating all these fats they were still a lot less calorific than the amount of carbs i used to eat .I was also a lot less hungry on atkins so less likely to snack and although i was eating high fats i was eating a healthy 3 meals a day .When i went into fitday.com and actually inputed my daily diet my calories were usually only coming in at about 1,500 despite the amount of fat and protein i was eating .I could not believe it as i was and still am never ravenous hungry .I sometimes have days where i go oh i did not eat since breakfast and it could be 4pm as i now use food as a fuel for my body as opposed to when i used to think about it 24/7 pre atkins . Carbs have so many calories its unreal and eating healthy fats have surprisingly less calories .

Give it a go for 2 weeks and see if its for you .Some people can just not tolerate the fats and get there head around it full stop but if you can get over the hurdle it does work


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all the above really

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