Helping out at meetings


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I help out with the weighing in, dont get anything free. I just get the pleasure of being there an hour longer than anyone else lol! It's great to get to know all the people in your group though and it really does motivate you to go. Even if I'm a couple of minutes late my consultant is on the phone asking where I am lol! xx


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I can be corrected on this as things might have changed since I used to help with weighing, but then it was only members who were doing it for some time that could help and you don't get the class for free. You pay like everyone else.


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I take the money at my class and I don't get a free weigh in but it is a good incentive to attend;-)


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I help out with the weigh-in, have to pay like everyone else but, our consultant gives us the magazine free as a thank you