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helppppppp :<

I thought by the 8th day I'd stop feeling so hungry and needy but I really want to eat something and I've already had like 4 ltr of water today it's not helping. I've even been in the fridge just smelling slices of meat (am I going crazy?)

I really thought by now it would be easier but I am so close to messing up this is the only place I can really turn to, surely I shouldnt be hungry anymore? :confused:. I'm seriously missing real food.

Hope I don't sound too whiny :(
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Hi, am coming to the end of my second week and feel exactly the same, this week seems to be worst than last and my hunger pangs are still there. I find the only thing that works for me is to keep busy, have people round you and try and get out of the house when you can it helps take my mind off it. Early nights help for me too as once I'm in bed I feel yes that's another day done and another achievement and I feel ok. It really is just sheet determination that wi get you through, I have a holiday coming up so that's driving me. Don't give up keep going, hopefully our hunger pangs will pass!!
Thankyou. I think I need to find a new hobbie or something hehe. I think my main problem is that I have a bad sleeping pattern, which involves me going to bed really late so by then I'm getting really hungry since my last shake was a long while before it. I will try to have earlier nights as you suggested. It seems even harder when family around me are having normal food and cooking delicious meals etc :sigh:

You are on 2 weeks? you are doing really well, keep it up. I hope I can get to where you are right now and that will be my new 'small goal' - thanks again ;)
Whenever I get hunger pangs I try to step outside myself and gauge how hungry I actually am. Every single time it turns out that my belly isn't empty, and I don't need any food, I just want it! Which is what got me overweight in the first place. LT is a great way to break the cycle and really come to terms with bad habits and confort eating. Stick at it, the results speak for themselves!
All the best x
i know its not easy, i too have taken up food sniffing!!;0)

its really wired isn't it? but on some strange level it helps , do not ask me why i haven't a clue! but i do think my sense of smell has gotten better, i swear my work mate was eating his lunch at his table across from me the other day, and i could smell every last ingredient in his salad roll, and it completly turned me off it, i could smell the butter and mayo and even the roll smelt really sugery.

you know the way they say if you lose a sense, your other senses get better, i think maybe thats what happened.

any diet is hard, i believe i was adicted to food and alcohol of any sort, so its like going cold turkey. but its so worth sticking to this diet, the longer you stick with it the better your will power, will get and you'll be so proud of yourself!! i promise, lots of people have said to me there is no way in hell they could stick to this diet, and that makes me feel so proud of my self. in the first few weeks i was doubting that i could stick to it but im so glad i did cause now im nearly finished!! way hey!!!!
Hehe, thanks for the replys. Glad I am not the only 'food sniffer'. :D You are right, it helps to smell it I think too, I guess it's sorta like tasting it but not. I am still sticking to it, I have to, I'm getting sick of not being able to go places due to tiredness of walking etc.

Nice to hear you are almost finished mich, you are at the end of the road and I am at the start ;)

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