Hen Weekend was tame but fab!


Finally...Life begins
Got back late last night from my Hen weekend. Was very good, but very tame! I was even up on the sunday morning at 7am in the Sauna and Jacuzzi and swimming before we met for brekkie!

I decided to eat and drink, and really did enjoy myself!

We went to a beautiful spa day, we unfortunately turned up late, but just in time for lunch which was a beautiful fruit platter! It tasted beautiful! Followed by plenty of water and a full body massage which lasted over 2 hours! I would have never done that at 19 stone. Ok I know i am only around 16ish stone now, but I felt so much more comfy. I was probably still the biggest sat there in my swimsuit, but I didn't feel as uncomfortable as I would have done back in summer.

The massage was amazing, a tiny little 7 stone lady and she had the muscles of a 17 stone man, she worked wonders with her hands!!

Followed by plenty of time in the sauna, steam room and swimming pool again! I drank 3 small glasses of wine with a 3 course meal, which consisted of Asparagus wrapped in palma ham, a chicken and veg dish and I had to do it, I had a beautiful 3 choc torte. Couldnt eat it all, but it was amazing. (mouth watering now thinking about it!)

Anyway, if you would have known me 3 months ago this weekend would have been totally different, i would have consumed pint upon pint of lager and baileys and shot of pure alcohol! Followed by crisps chocolates and the biggest things on the menu!
Stupidly weighed myself and it does show a gain, but I do believe this is only temporarily. Back on SS again today, and don't regret eating and drinking one bit. I felt very much in control. Most people mentioned my weight loss, one even asked my friend where I was as she didn't recognise me, but I haven't seen her for a few years so not sure it was just the weight but I hope that helped!!

Anyway, wedding day is just over a month away, and less than a month until my dress fitting, so going hammer and tongs at it now to see if I can manage another stone off!

Weigh in still isn't for another week, I thought it was this week and wondered why I still had loads of CD packs in my cupboard!

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support over the last few months, I would have found a reason not to attend this spa weekend if I had still been 19+ stone.

Love and hugs! A very relaxed (but full) Angela! xx

Fortunately no photos were taken of my in my cossie LOL so can't post any! But have decided Im gonna do my weekly weigh in photos from in my cossie, might be a few weeks before I post them tho!!!
Hi Angela

I am really glad you had such an enjoyable weekend and were so in control. You are correct it is more about eating in a controlled way that abstaining altogether. You will I'm sure have a really good weightloss next week to compensate for the gain. As long as you are straight back this week and sounds like you are, I think you have only done good the weekend with eating as you will have gained confidence in your control of food.

Best of luck getting back on the wagon

Dizzy x
Fab, I have posted the cozzie to you too so on your next jaunt you can wear it!!!