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  1. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

    Hi all,

    Well I'm here again, haven't done this for about 2 years and didn't think I would again but I need to shift this weight I've put back on over Christmas fast

    I did ww last year and lost nearly 2 stone but have put most of it back on

    I have a few thing planned for this year so feel very positive this time around

    We have a wedding in March so that is my first goal to aim for, I want to lose 2 stone, I can't give my self big goals because I'm my own worst enemy and will not stick to it

    I'm on day 3 and feeling ok, Sunday is my hardest day because I have to cook for my family and really do struggle, I find if I have a bit of chicken it helps, it could be a lot worse!

    I am having a small meal of an evening which I could do without, I'm going to gym tonight, first time this year but will not go mad, lol don't want to faint
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  3. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

    Morning, day 4 for me, I did my wee wee stick and it went pink, plus my mouth has started to feel a bit furry,

    I did a class last night and surprised my self how I felt, I did take it slightly easy ( as easy as I could without getting shouted at, lol) but felt fine, I came home showered and had my last shake, official weigh in Friday night but scales are going the right way yay,

    Already had 1/2 litre of water and a black tea, try to wait for my shake once kids have all gone to college/ school and it's a bit more peaceful

    Having carpets fitted this morning so today I will be occupied with moving furniture
  4. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

    Hello, not been on here as been very busy with life lol, weigh in last week and I lost 7lb yay, next weigh in Monday will update then, had a few bars which to be honest I don't like but when I'm out its so easy, also been to gym and am actually starting to enjoy it again,
    Happy weekend all x
  5. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

    Day 16 - Sunday is my hardest day, always has been, I've kept my self busy with ironing, washing, cleaning and I have upped my water, I normally drink 2.5 litres but trying to up it to 4, 2nd weigh in tomorrow I hope to have lost 3lb we will see, will update tomorrow x
  6. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    I find Sundays difficult too. I need to find a distraction. Have started knitting again, which helps a bit...
  7. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

    Managed to get though Sunday, weigh in this morning and lost 3lb, I'm so happy with that,
    I'm going away next Saturday with the hubby for a night so going to be weighed Saturday morning and will come off plan until Sunday night, just hope I can get back on track after, normally if I know I'm doing something the weekend I would start eating now, but not this time,
    Feeling really good at the moment xx
  8. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

    Hello all, Sunday again!!,

    Got weighted yesterday afternoon and lost 2lb, that's 12 in total so very pleased,
    Went away last night with the other half, we booked it before I started this so knew it was coming up
    I had a shake in the morning then an omelette for lunch then Southern fried chicken and salad and a few chips, plus 1 glass of wine and 4 vodkas and diet coke
    I was quite full after that
    This morning I've had a small breakfast of scrambled egg sausage and bacon and now chugging my water as back on it
    I've been really worried about coming off it cause I know how hard it has been previously to get back on it, but feel ok so far
    Got to take my daughter to the hospital tomorrow which will be an all day thing so gonna take a bar and plenty of water
  9. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

    Hi all, not been on here for a while, just been so busy, to date I've lost 14lb, stayed the same last week which put me on a downer so have had a bit of a bad week, I haven't put any weight on but don't think I've lost either, going to be weighed in a minute, I'm going to stay on it for another 3 weeks then will come off and try and eat healthy xx
  10. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

    Hello, just a quick update, I've lost 20lb so far, I'm going to do this for 1 more week then coming off
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