Here goes - Day 1


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well done for starting....... this time next week you should be a few pounds lighter and nothing tastes better than being slim..

Keep up good work


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well i am on day 2 of restart so well done for starting, i can never get lumps out of shakes so am on all tetras good luck


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Good luck with the first week both! i've just had a hot vanilla shake too, i don't bother getting the lumps out, i kinda like 'em...weird! give me something to chew on..ha ha!



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Welcome and good luck. You'll soon learn tricks along the way to make them more appealing! I have one tetra, one bar and one porridge porridge - canna bear the lumps in the packs when you make them yourself! I had for the first time just now the peanut bar and OH MY GOD! Its blinking delish - ita like a snicker! mmm mm mm!! Just a pity you aint allowed 3 per day and not only one! Never mind - roll on tomorrow! lol!

Trim T

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Have you tried mixing your shakes in a blender?? I always do, and my soups and never have any lumpy lumps hehe


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At work so a bit difficult to take a blender, am getting enough funny looks being a near permanent fixture at the water tower !!. Tried using an aerolatte but maybe I let the water cool a little too much, will try again soon with the other 1/2 of the pack. Which type of blender do you use Trim T.


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I always use one of those shakers, the ones that have a grid at the top, shake it like mad, and I never have lumps! I got mine for £5 from asda.


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well done for starting and good luck remember your goals x


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I use a blender at home then tetra's for when i'm out. The shakes taste soooo much better when they're blended!

Good luck hun! I'm sure you'll do great!


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hi, i wisk my drinks up then my bargain tip!!...i bought a mini sift from wilkinsons for 35p and i just put the shakes through that, no lumps guarenteed!
( also IMO the shakes tatse much nicer cold! not hot)