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Here goes nothing!

I've come to a conclusion that I am unable to just 'cut down'! That leaves far too much temptation in my way. I guess I can compare it to giving up smoking in a way - I could never cut down gradually - I had to give them up for good in order to be successful. So I guess that's what I'm going to have to do with chocolate, cake, curries, all the gorgeous things I love (not to mention the cupboard full of easter eggs!!!) - why does it have to be so hard??
Anyway - going to post my food diary in the hope that by writing it down, will make me think twice before I eat it! Only started yesterday and have done quite well:

Small bowl of Fruit & Fibre
1 x coffee
1 x tangerine
2 x dry slices white bread :mad:
1 x medium jacket potato with small amount of butter and 1/4 tin of baked beans with lots of lettuce / tomatoes / onion & cucumber
1 x muller light yoghurt

Did 27 of fast walking on the treadmill, 100 ab crunches, 2 x walks around the park.


Up at 4am with my 8 month old son who was full of the joys of spring while I felt like death and really wanted to eat a hotcross bun which is cruelly still in our cupboard! Instead - I though the fresh air might put him to sleep so I did 2 laps of our park - tried to run with the buggie but I nearly had a heart attack and hadto stick to a fastish walk!!

So far...

1 x small bowl of Fruit and Fibre

going for lunch with grandad, neices and the parents later - they'll all be tucking in to burgers, steak etc - wish me luck - I will need it!

Plan to do later....

at least 20 mins on treadmill
100 ab crunches

not eat too much!!!

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Bouncing back
It's important to remember that you're choosing to cut out the foods that you love for the sake of your health. Don't think you're depriving yourself.

Good luck!
I completely echo what Silence said. When we really think about is ... what nutritional value does Curries and stuff like that have to us?

A shed load of saturated fat! Thats what!
No good!

Well done so far :) 4am walk with the baby - rather you than me ;)

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