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Here goes!


I've been through it all; Lipotrim, the cabbage diet, Weight watchers, my own fabricated and hopeful schemes, the works... But now I will begin the true journey of my weight loss!! I'm doing it right this time. Slowly, but surely.

I have pretty reasonable goals set for myself.
It's my birthday in September and I'm having a big celebration for it... so I'm hoping to lose 2.5 - 3 stone by September 25th.

I also have a more short-term goal, and that is Sicily in June. I'm hoping to lose at least 10 pounds before we jet off to the land of mopeds and bikinis.

I've decided the best way to do this is with by helping and supporting others who are on a similar journey, hence why I've joined this website!! I really enjoy reading your success stories, and seeing everyone cheering each other on!

So I'm going to begin logging my progress. Starting with today!

DAY 1!
Weighed in at 13 stone.
Breakfast: 1 poached egg, 2 slices brown bread w. 1 tsp butter, 3 tbsp baked beans, 1 tbsp ketchup
Snack: 5 frozen grapes (by the way, these are amazing, especially when it's nice and warm out - so refreshing), handful of yogurt covered raisins and peanuts
Lunch: garden salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato) with balsamic vinegar dressing. Smoothie: banana, kiwi, 1/2 cantaloupe, 1 tbsp low fat natural yogurt
Snack: 2 chocolates from milk tray (so bold)
Dinner: tin of tomato soup

Went to the beach for 1 hour doing intervals of walking then running. So proud of myself! Although, I think I should be varying my food a lot better, today wasn't off to a very good start considering I checked all the points with WW and I was already at my 23 points limit.

Tomorrow will be better.

Ash xx
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Day 2

Good morning!

Today's goal is to try and chew slower. I read in a magazine that if you chew for longer, you're more likely to eat less as you will feel full faster.

I also forgot to mention my points intake is 23! Here's todays:

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette with 1 cup skimmed milk, 1/2 green pepper, 1/2 slice of reduced salt ham, salt & pepper, 1 tbsp ketchup [5 pts]

Snack: 1 banana chopped up in bowl of bran flakes with 1 cup skimmed milk [4 pts]

Lunch: 1/2 of 140g tin tuna in brine, 2 slices wholemeal toast, 2 triangles WW low fat cheese spread, 1/2 cucumber, 1 small tomato, [4 pts]

Snack: 5 frozen grapes, 1 WW caramel creamed rice [3.5 pts]

Dinner: tin of cream of tomato soup [4 pts]

Total points used for the day: 20.5
I had to account for 1.5 which I overused yesterday!
So that's technically 22...
And I'm saving a spare one just in case I get a sneaky bar in or decide to have a bottle of Coors light!

Goodnight :) x
Thanks hun, your progress is phenomenal as well, good work! I find WW a much easier way to "diet" because it's the only way to factor in even the things you love, like chocolate, and everything. x
It's going okay, thanks! It's just something you need to remember to think about while you're eating; that's the hardest part. Once I remember it's all good!!

I discovered another trick for pointing food. Went on a shop to Tesco's the other day, and if I don't get the Tesco Light Choices, when I get home I look up the points value for everything - and then label it all in the fridge, so that when it comes time to grabbing something I don't have to look it up each time :)

Day 3

This was a horrible day eating-wise, but an otherwise fabulously spent day at the beach!

Breakfast: 1 whole wheat bagel, with 2 WW cheese spreads [4 pts]

Lunch: 6 inch whole wheat chicken breast sub with cheese, sweet onion sauce and all vegetables! [8 pts]

Snack: almond magnum [7 pts]

Dinner: chicken breast on burger bun with 1 tbsp low fat mayo and hot sauce [7 pts]

Snack: freddo bar [2 pts]

Started off the day with a weigh in and had lost 3.5 lbs :) delighted with myself, and this is how I rewarded that? Hah! I'm going to go with the excuse that it was the start of the weekend.

Went to the beach and enjoyed the magnum - to be honest it was worth every cheeky calorie :D!
Day 4

Breakfast: Skipped because I woke up late and felt that I had over eaten yesterday so this was okay to do (it's not)

Snack: 1 pot vanilla custard Muller Rice [5 pts]

Lunch: 4 Rye crackers, 5 mini slices of chicken breast, 2 slices jalapeño cheese [5 pts]

Snack: 1 dairy lea dunker, diet coke, 2 jelly babies, dark chocolate square [6.5 pts]

Extras: 4 vodkas + diet coke, 1 bottle Kopparberg, 1 glass white wine, 1 bottle Becks, 1 glass Bulmers [off the charts]

This was ridiculous! I was at a birthday house party and had intended on having my 4 points drinks (Vodka + diet coke x 4) but decided against it once I had them in me! The rest of the alcohol was charity :p

I realise where everything went wrong, so Monday will be better again - obviously Sunday being a hangover day wasn't exactly something to be proud of either.
Day 5

This day was a write off. I was hungover, tired, and lazy.


I had left my car a good 45 minutes away (walking) and had to go collect it. So I did walk the distance to collect my car!

Eating was all over the place. I ate everything.
In fairness, it wasn't anything greasy, just healthy stuff in greater quantity.

I probably ate over my points by 1 or 2, when I should have been making up for Saturday night!

I'll do this during the week! My plan is 1.5-2 points less each day for next weekend.
Day 6

Breakfast: 1 bowl muesli with skimmed milk, 1 cup of coffee with skimmed milk [3 pts]

Lunch: 5 Rye crispbreads, 5 mini chicken breast slices, 2 WW cheese spread triangles [3 pts]

Snack: dark chocolate with hazelnut, 2 squares [4.5 pts]

Dinner: 1 chicken breast in thai green curry sauce + 1 cup brown rice [7 pts]

Snack: 4 chewy bon bons, 1 chocolate mousse [5 pts]

Exercise: 30 min walk, 20 mins weight lifting

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