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Here Goes!

Hiya, my name is Kate. Tomorrow I'm off to my 1st CD meeting, have been doing WW for 7+ years and managed to lose 6 stone:), however, over the past couple of years of phaffing with the same 2 stone on and off:(, I've decided to have a change of scenery. Am fed up of not being able to get past the 12 stone barrier so this is now the time to make the change. Have been perusing these boards for the last couple of weeks and reading all the support and useful information you all give:D.

Just a question I have is how do you manage to exercise(if you do) with the fact that is such a low calorie diet, I'm worried that I won't be able to do my classes (circuits, combat) due to lack of energy, or will my body adjust once I've been doing this a week or so?

Also, is there any particular day that tends to be hard in the first week that I need to be aware of.

Many thanks for all your help, look forward to the continuing support of this board.

Kate xx
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best to ask your leader.................but not allowed on LL to do strenuous exercise ........depends on the individual ....................but well done for loosing that amount and getting to grips with the last 2 st xx


Generally, we advise people that they can carry on with what they are already doing, and not to start anything new in the first two weeks.

However, if what you're already doing is particularly strenuous (as both circuits and Combat tend to be), you will need to be careful. How many classes are you doing per week?
well done on losing so much weight hun, that's fantastic.

got to say, when I first began cd I joined the gym and burnt off minimum of 200 cals just on my induction. Now, that's not much considering how many cals you could burn doing circuit training etc.... but when you think that I was only having 415 cals per day then that quite a lot to burn off.

I did actually go dizzy and didnt feel great afterwards so stopped going.

I told the gym instructor that I was on low carbs and she seemed really concerned and I thought she was going to tell me that I shouldnt be training so I ended up saying that I was eating 2 meals a day like chicken and veg...(this was a total lie of course). Maybe I felt queezy because I wasnt used to excersise, I didnt want to jepardise the diet so the gym membership had to go. I certainly didnt want to collapse in front of all those gorgeous gym goers, it was bad enough that they could see me with my big fat ass bouncing about on the treadmill as it was. lol:D

Welcome aboard minimins anyway hun, lots of lovely people on here to help you on your cd journey. cd is great, and the weight just falls off you :D

xx sj xx
I'd advise against cardio excercise for the duration of SS. I walk a lot and do my lateral thigh trainer as a toner not cardio. I find I still go light headed if I bend to do jobs then stand up or stand up too quickly. Your body only has those four hundred cals to keep it going so excercising like combat will eat those up in no time. I'm not an expert by any means but am just advising you on my personal experience. xx
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Can't offer you any advice on the exercise as I haven't done any, hangs head in shame! But just wanted to say welcome onboard and good luck.

Hi Kate,

I do combat fairly regularly on SS and it isn't a problem for me. Drink plenty and I normally try and have a shake soon after!

Kerrie x

Deb G

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I've aways been very active as I do endurance (long distance) riding, so I've kept doing what I was already doing. Riding most days, competing at the weekends and running for 30 mins 3 times a week. Sometimes I've had less energy, but I think its probably why I managed to lose so much so quickly. With LL they tell us not to do heavy weights while in abstinence because of the concern of muscle tearing due to your muscles being empty of glycogen.

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