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here i am and here i go

hi guys im molly and im one week into the atkins diet and hoping to share my weight LOSE journey. like probably everyone out there ive been on about 100 diets and always seen weight lose only to put it on again and some!!

ive been on this sight before but forgot my account details so this is a new one for me. id like to give some of my diet history for u all to gather where im at. i have done the atkins diet before when i was 17 and i lost 2 and a half stone going from 15 stone to 12 and a half at my lowest. this actually changed my life and made me more confident and happy with myself and really made this period of my life a happy time for me. i met my first "love" at 20 and we dated for about 18 months over which if course i gained tha "love weight" and ended up 15 stone when we finally ended it (that wasnt the reason thank god) since then ive been and on and off diet and never really having much success. i tried weight watchers for a while and nearly lost a stone in a month which was really good but as i work odd hours (im a youth worker so i do evening and i could be there til 11 sometime) so attending meetings was a no go and i didnt want to pay for meetings i didnt go to. also i joined with my friend and she gave up so my motivation kinda fell when it was on me alone. then last febuary after seeing some hiiiiidious pics of me at my friends bday i decided i needed to try something drastic. my friend (the ww drop out lol) was a month on lipotrim and doing well. thou originally i was against the idea i had to try. joining at 16 odd stone i saw really good weight loss about 6 pounds a week. i actually managed to get down to 13 and a half stone where i felt really good but there was side affects to my health such as my hair seemed to thin and also i couldnt co to the loo. this worried me most of all since as a child i had stomack problems but all was fine since then but this worried me. anyway of course once i started eating again in PILED on and some again.

then over the last year its just got worse as ive been eating loads (feeling low) and then here i was 17 stone 6. i actually couldnt believe i had gotten to this point. so theres where i was.

and then last week i just decided it was time to give atkins another go after my birthday (26 now ahh) so ive been on the diet a week today and though i didnt weigh myself on the first day i stepped on my wii and im about 7 pounds lighter since i last weighted in over a month or so ago so im feeling good.

anyway i ment to just make a small intro but have ended up writting my life story ha. well thats me in a large nut shell so wish we luck
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Good luck hun, I am sure you will do great in the weight loss journey..xx
thank you very much. im feeling good about this time


This is for life
Welcome and good luck:). You've done it before so you know it works ....but do you remember how yummy the food is ;)


Clean green leafy machine
Welcome Molly, good to hear your story :)

Lovely people here, all going through the same thing, so ask any questions and start up a diary in the diary thread so we can see what you're eating and help you keep in focus :)
Thank u people. Good idea lady I'll start tomorrow
thank you very much. how are we this morning having healthy breekies i hope. i had a nice egg and two rita type crackers. im suprised with myself cos ive been up since half five..this is not a common event for me at all. odd
Good luck woman. I think many of us will have had similar stories so no need to worry there! Stick on here and just take it a day at a time and you'll get there. COME ON!!!
ya thats my plan anyway thanks for the lovely welcome :D

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