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Here i am! *waves* - Brewin'a'Baby & Staying Slim! 2011 xx

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Hey Boys & Girls..

I thought it was about time i did one of these.. Esepecially now that i am a little closer to the end of my actually dieting journey.. and am heading to mantainsville.

Im not really too sure how these things work.. so thought i'd just update you all reguarly on my days, what i eat etc.

So Yesterday.. OH's away and i comfort ate myself to sleep with a curry, which was lovley.. and well worth it.. although actually going to pick it up was an expierance, maybe this is just me.. but the place was weird! i walked in and they seated me, despite i only wanted a takeaway, and looked like crap.. i was like 'dear god, its a friday night, let me hide ina corner and then scuttle back home with my curry!' .. and was left for agggggesss.. and then i noticed some really old frail indian woman pouring pints behind the bar, which was amusing yet strange. Anyways, i Enjoyed my curry, and asmuch as i tried to resist the free naan, i did eat it *shame* lol... After making myself feel better, i made a terrible mistake of watching Marley & Me on a dvd we rented from blockbuster. Well.. i went through the whole film thinking, despite the fact its so terribly sad, i already know the dogs gunna die.. but still managed to end up hysterically crying like a right girl, and didnt even make it to the end of the film. Shant be watching that film again. They shouldnt be aloud to make films that sad, or rent them out to lonley girlies such as myself. Mean while OH's in Amsterdam on a stag getting rat assed, and dressed up as an arab. Fantastic.
Today, i woke up and im not feeling well.. not anything in perticular, just keep coming over a little nautious, dizzy and headachy from time to time. I had 2 mullers for breaky, 2 alpens, and apple and a orange, even though i cant remember the last time i had an apitite for anything, i just dont seem to have any motivation towards food, bad or good at the mo. I had Tomatoe pasta n sauce for lunch, with tuna mixed in and topped with cheese, and then i had homemade spag bowl for tea.. I spent the day cutting my brother and uncles hair, as they somehow think now i'm qualified, im like thier personal barber, and free... Typical! lol, and as i knew OH would be expecting to come home to a messy house, as im the messiest person you'l ever come across, i changed the bedding, hoovered, did some laundry, filled up Joes 'special sweet pot'.. and shock horrer, i even cleaned out out hamsters cage, which i always swore i'd never clean. Mainly cause im lazy and the cage is massive. But i did it, even if i did enhale most of the bloody sawdust, and it stinks.. i cant make my mind up whats worse, the smell of fresh sawdust (well what was left of it after i enhaled it and split half everywhere) or a dirty hamster cage! LOL and after all that, my dog has just chewed some weird jumbo bone, and the new bedding is now covered in it.. Even more fantastic.

.. Well. Iv been reasonably good this week, but Weight loss is slowing, am 1.5 pounds off 4 & half stone now, and was going to call target there. & proberly will still for the mo, but am beginning to think im still a bit chunky for my liking and maybe a whole 5stone off will do the trick. We'l see when we get there tho hey?

I also filled out my young slimmer of the year forms yesterday. Ohmygosh, they ask the same questions like 5 times but worded differently.. at one point my hand was cramping so bad i was like sod it lol.. but then i remembered the 2grand cash prize and week in vancouver! :D *fingers crossed* i need a new car damn it, my stoopid car has decided to break again.

Anyways, so thats yesterday and today..
Visiting OH's sister and little girls tomorrow.. but they always tempt me with chocolate.. and they still keep calling me uncle Fern. makes no sence but i believe thier dad encorouges them LOL.

:eek: Lol

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well done on getting so far, the competition prize sounds great, who desides who wins? does it go to a panel? or is it a vote for the public or something? tell us more hun, xxx


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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
oh and where are your before and after pics you? x


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After reading about all the housework you have done I feel exhausted:deadhorse:

I could do with some of your energy:)

Best of luck with Slimmer of the year competition!

Nice prize's!

You are a winner regardless as your weight loss is fantastic!

Love Mini xxx
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey all,

ta for your replys. . I can't tell you much more about the competetion as i don't have a clue myself, i think my application gets sent to head office and they just take it from there!

I shall pop some before and after photos up in a little bit :)

So today. Well, Oh's on his way home as we speak, and i went to visit his sisters and two little girls for the afternoon.. as expected i turned up and they were munching on chocolate, and then his sister announced as Esme's school report was so fantastic, we were going to maccy d's! obviously i was ever so proud of her, but i felt like treating her with an apple myself :) LOL .. and then when we got there she'd forgoten her shoes.. how is that even possible i thought? but she had.. luckily Emmas the sort of mum that has spares of everything, and we managed to avoid a trip back home.. Thank god i finished off that spag bowl before i left, and managed to resist even nicking a chip!, i thought it'd be a little more difficiult, but its funny what doesnt attract you anymore once you'v learnt how to eat and control yourself properly. Would much preferr some full fat ben n jerrys.. Oh yes, if only! LOL i did managed to convince the girls to go to pets at home after, so we could visit Harry the giant house rabit they have in atm. I wish i could take him home, but Joe said no :( .. it was so bloody busy in there though, and trying to pick mea up (2) all the time so she could see all the animals, i wondered how long it'd be before me and my fat bum hurt someone out of pure frustration.. i hate busy places..even more so when mea keeps announcing to all who is willing to listen that she needs a poo!!! Today I had my usual 2 alpen lights, 2 mullerlights and some fruit, how exciting! am going to look into changing my b box for somthing different these next few days, as im getting a little bored and need to bring back my enthusiasm! Lunch was a big bowl of pasta and mince with cheese, and for tea im having a chicken and bacon melt with a fresh salad!!! YUM. Although now watching come dine with me is making me feel a little bit more adventerous! hmm.
Im pretty sure i managed to pretty much shift my bingo wings after pushing 4 year old esme on the swing in the burning sun for over an hour :eek: Oh dear god i thought i'd die, even more so when she announced she wanted to go on the skyrider, which meant running round in circles to push her upwards for another half hour.

Thinking of taking up a walking group, or some sort of exercise class.. im feeling lazy since i had to cancel my gym membership.. :(

Hope everyone else had a good sunday.. i was hoping OH would be home in time to go out for a roast, but his flight got delayed so wont be home till 7. Nvm, save meself a few syns... assuming i dont raid his sweet jar.. :rolleyes:

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HI all,

Today OH had a day off, and i had a driving lesson between 9-11. Well todays been really **** and quite frankly,.. my cars broke, i had THE worst lesson possible and i ahve 4 weeks till my test and i doubt il pass, my interview got cancelled so now i have to wait for another date, and as expected OH despite having day off.. we did **** all.. and now its raining, so cant even storm off and do anything myself!! im pretty sure im gunna have a gain some wednesday. Especially as i weighed in in the morn last week, so im sue that '1/2 pound loss wasn't real anways..

Breaky: porridge and 150ml milk, with sweetner
Dinner was 3xeggs in an omlette with 14g of cheese tuna and baked beans with some salad and a muller for after
and iv managed to munch on OH's stupid kfc, some choclate and a sweet from the sweetpot. all totally pointless syns..

since quitting the gym iv done no exercise, so im looking at a gain come wednesday i think.

I think i need to get my dicsipline back,. EE is just too easy.

thinking i heading back to red and green for a few weeks to sort myself out! what do u all think???

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey all,

firstly here is my before and after photos..



sw pickys 004.jpg

may2009 005.jpg


Obviously you can tell which ones me (i hope!) lol.. and which ones are of me now..

Enjoy xx.

So Today. Well iv well and trueley buggered this week up.. but tomorrow is WI. I lost half a pound last wednesday, so we'l see what happens this coming week with my plans to go back to red and green and add some discipline, excitment and motivation to shift my last few pounds.

You can see my shopping list and menu plan for the week on the thread 'going back to what i used to know!' lol.. so feel free to read & let me know what you think. suggestions are welcome! & i will keep you updated.

Today i had a muller for breaky, lunch i had a baked potatoe with 2x28g HEAof cheese and baked beans, and for tea i had pasta and cheese with tuna 1x HEB and Tuna HEB .. Had a green day.. BUT then i ate some lindt chocolate, and finished off the OH's sweet jar :( as hes working in isle of white tonight & tomorrow.. and i also finally found calipo shots in my local mccols, but could only find strawberry and lemon (1.5 syns) .. £1.25 they cost me! could buy a box of bloomin lollys for that :eek: but worth the low synage.

Iv just had no motivation and have been picking at crap all week :( shamful.

Back on it Thursday though, and i will let you know how WI goes.



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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
you look so different, well done x
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey all.

So WI last night, and as expected 'gained' the half pound back on that i 'lost' last week. In my heart i know i just stayed the same both weeks.. it was just a case of weighing lighter in the morn. SO back on track today ladys after completly cockingg up yday and living off coco pops and pizza all day. :eek: !

So Todays menu IS.

Breaky Mullerlight, 5 ryvita crackerbreads original HEB.. with philly HEA and an apple.

Lunch is Loaded potatoe skins with Bacon HEB and cheese HEA, herbs and baked beans

and Tea is quorn sausages with mash made with VLF nat yoghurt and gravy 1 syn for 1 tablespoon of gravey ganuals and some fryed onion.

*fingers crossed for me this week ladys* 2 more pounds and im at targt. Woopy doo!! Im going back to basics red & green!

Sent off my forms for slimmer of the year, i doubt it, but fingers x'd!

Today has not started well. My little puppy cried all night to the point i couldnt stand it any longer and had to bring her upstairs, atw hich point i hooped she'd settle but she just ran round like a nutter at 1am. At which point i noticed a strange sound, and realised OH's hamster had got loose and was working its way thru my wardrobe!!! and couldnt figure out how to fix its cage once id woken my brother and mum up to help me catch her.- Funny how things like this only happen when other half is visiting his parents!
and then i woke up this morning to find my sis munching on my muller grr!!!

doesnt that just bug you, when you buy things especially and then people munch on them so you have to go out and buy more??

Maybe its just me, but i wish sometimes they'd understand i have to weigh things, or i buy a certain amount to last me thru the week exactly .. that when theye at it, it messes it all up!! :( grr.

Maybe im just overly sensitive cause im tired and cranky!! lol

anyways, so thats todays eating. Hope the rest of you are a lil bit slimmer this week also ;) x

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Day1 went as planned. Stuck to the menu (above) 100% and have treated myself to some butter in my mash (3 syns ish) curly wurly was 6 syns, gravey granuals is 1 syn. So 10 syns today. Good stuff.

Roll on tomorrow.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Omgosh, am i destined to forever be 2 pounds from target!? ARGH. So today, i woke up and had Porridge with milk and a mullerlight, with an apple. i had another muller, orange and apple mid morning and i was supposed to have a driving lesson, but as OH was working in st. austall (cornwall) and wasnt leaving untill 10 am, i cancelled and headed to cornwall with him, for what was supposed to be a 1 hour job, commencing at 2 pm, in which time i would shop.. and then we'd stay over and explore the next day before heading home. WELL. We got there at half 1 and turns out he cant start till half4, so we had to wait around for two and half hours, and couldnt leave to shop incase they let him in early and he wasnt there! THEN it took 2 hours, at which point its half 6, and were 3 .5 hours away from home.. and the office rings to tell us they wont, and havnt booked digs for the night as they feel he can drive home, despite beinga friday night :-|. ALL i could find in cornwall to eat was either a pasty or a prepacked salad which had some kind of yucky cheese colslaw, so i did my best to get rid of the colslaw and just eat salad, which un-supringsly, once colslaw was removed, wasnt much, but i did resist the pasty (go me!) but did end up munching on fridge raiders chicken tikka bites, which im sure is free on red, but i was doinga green argh! so ahve to look those up online now. We'v only just got home and iv had a tomatoe pasta and sauce and 2 alpen lights. - Needless to say i spent the entire day sat in the car dribbling over the smell of pasties.. being incredibly bored and reading the most random crap in magazines!- god i hate crosswords, they make my eyes go funny!

so need to syn chicken bites &colslaw..

BUT< argh i am kicking myself!! i wanted to try and stop eating alpens, and switch up my b box's a bit, so wanted to try crackerbread.. well i got mixed up and boat ryvita original, and ate 5. Omg. only2 count as a HEB im so mad at myself!!!

Argh. Im trying so hard to do red and green, and looking back i just dont know how i ever did it before.. cause im cocking this up royally!

Im still gunna stick it out the rest of the week and try my hardest, but i doubt i will loose as im making so many mistakes! stupid EE spoilt me!

heard back from sw from when i applied for the mag, she said she'l keep my files and story on record but is interested in featuring me in the future, and my slimmer of the year papers got sent off yesterday :)

So, had a crappy day today, but trying to stay positive! sorry for rambeling!
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Mattersons fridgeraiders chickin tikka bites 1.5 syns red, 5.5 syns green! BUGGER!

Todays syns, 8.5 ish?

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey all,

Havn't posted since friday so thought i'd update you. Well me & OH are housesitting this week, (sat-sat) and we had my best friend emz and her OH chris come round for dinner and a film saturday eve. I made quorn chilli con carni with rice for me, extra lean mince chilli con carni for her, and faijtas for the boys. It was ALOT of food, and all that is left over is all SW friendly which was fab, thats dinner tomorrow hehe. & we had fresh poffita roles and strawberrys for after, i tried to control myself.. as much as possible LOL & iv managed to stick to my plan and the plan in general as much as possible since the fuss that began on thursday with teh hEB mix up.

Its been really lovley having our own space and meant that iv had a kitchen all to myself, yipee!!

Yesterday was 2HEB alpen lights, and 2 shape yogs with an orange and strawberrys fro breaky.. Lunch was a carvery with turkey HEB YUM, and i synned the gravey. and tea was pasta with free homemade tom sauce, and cheese HEA - only one HEA but thats allowed. If im honest im actuallys truggling to use my HEA despite it ebing the one thing i grieved with EE. Funny how things change!

Now, i am absoloutly starving and todays and red day. So im making myself a cooked breaky.

trah! x
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yipee, i have internet! :D

Today i'v had! ... 2 Alpen lights HEB, 3 shape yogs (spread across the day) and 2 oranges for breaky, then i decided to have a cooked breaky for lunch LOL.. 1 quorn sausages, Bacon HEB, baked beans, 2 Eggs, and tomatoes with spring onions.. and for tea i had quorn chilli con carni (1.5 syns) with rice, and cheese HEA and for dessert i had a punnet of strawberrys with some shape and crumbled up half an alpen on top (1.5 syns) and i also munched on some cake that was left out (gutted) lol (4 syns) .. so total for today is 7 syns.

So far iv had about 63 syns.

Hope you'v all had a good day, i did the food shop this morn, (£80 for two of us, EEK!) and then Vernon which is a reg client came round for a hair cut, and then i had to go to the dentist! Argh, i hate the dentist! even more so when ur 8 year old brother is complaining everythings taking so long and throws himself into the biggest strop, as if the world were about to end and we were wasting his last 45 minutes having his teeth checked out!! :eek: lol! and i have recieding gums! LUSH .. lol Joe was slightly concerned when i told him but i assured him in 20 years time i may have no gums or teeth but il still be darn sexy ;) haha. (or i could justs top scrubbing my teeth to death.. LOL)

Weathers been crap as per usual, which didnt help when i locked myself out of the house either. Oh my. What a day!!! x

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey all,

Yesterday was tuesday and for breaky i had 2 alpen lights 2 oranges and an a shape yogm, i did go to pizza hut for lunch with mother after some shopping, but stuck to salad and tomatoe pasta, so im counting that at 7 sysn, as i ate alot and cant garentee whats in it, and for tea i had quorn sausages withveg and mash and gravey and for afters i had a snickers icecream, eek! so 14+7 is 21 syns for the day.. eek. and i didnt have my 2nd HEB, eurgh. today is Wi so iv eaten a bowl of choc cereal to cheer meself up, as theres notyhing i can do to save me now! and ima lready hungry, which just goes to show eating crap does not fill u up!

Dreaded Wi at 6:30.. so il update you. Eek, gotta face the music. Dunno how im gunna cope with this week coming.. im got a night out in town for a hen do (eek) and a night at the spa, eek! :( bad times!


I can do this............
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Good luck fern im sure you will be fine! How are you finding red and green day now? Looks like you are getting the hang of it! I will look in later to see how you get on!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
red & green, Thinks its safe to say i cocked it right up haha. . like riding a bike my ass!!! Back to EE me thinks next week (depending on how this week goes)

Im in two minds.. pretty sure iv gained half/pound or poss sts at best, which i COULD deal with, but i dont want to.. in the event that i sts, i think i might call target. Im starting to wander whether my bodys trying to tell me if that iv had enough?? I don't know, is that possible.. i am ahppy to accept myself as i am if this is the case..

anyways, 2.5 hours to go, we'l see!!!! I'l update you!!!! xxxxxx
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey all.

Well i went to WI last night and i gained 2lb. Im absoloutly gutted. I feel like i was so close, and now i'm so far, or so it feels.
So after long thinking and looking over what i ate, i can honestly see where i went wrong, but at the same time i still feel 2lbs is alot to have gained, for what compared to holidays, has been nothing and even had enough syns left over to account for if i had under-syn valued things. iv never gained 2lb, ever.

Turns out, id obviously got it all mixed up, on the days where my planned out meals hadnt gone to plan, and i'd got confused and half EE'd and half green'd it, and it was all a bit of shambles, some days i'd forgotten my extra HEB, hadnt fully used my HEA and generally the caffufal with the ryvitta and crackerbreads didnt help, but as i said.. if i count correctly id only used 65-70 syns. So im all abit gutted really.

Im feeling really silly, and my OH isnt being supportive, he doesnt understand why im so upset, and its true, its only 2lbs, but i was so close. and now, i feel so far.. and as slow as things are atm, its going to take 3 times as long to shift. This weekend isnt going to be the best either.. a hen do in clifton (bristol centre) saturday, and then a night at the spa sunday. eek.

SO. back on track. trying not to cry over it too much! i should be greatful i'v come so far. If anything its made me realise my body is clearly not happy being anything under 10.3 / 10.2 and i need to call target when iv shift these extra pounds, as i have a feeling pushing it any futher could be un-maintainable for me.

so today i have eaten


Shape yoghurt, 2 alpen lights HEB, and 2 oranges. Grapes and melon.

Then i had a second whin and had grilled bacon, all fat removed, baked beans, 2 eggs and a quorn sausage topped with spring onion. all free..

Lunch was mash potatoe made with parsley and vlf yoghurt, brocolie, quorn sausages and gravey (granuals) with red onion 1.5 syn

tea was Rice, with extra lean mince chilli con carni, 1.5 syns topped with cheese HEA and a mixture of salad leaves and grated carrot.

So i'v eaten pretty well and have only eaten 3 syns. Im keeping my syns pretty low this week so that i can keep on top of them and have leway incase of any mess ups like last week. Confidence has been knocked abit after this gain, so wanna make sure im not doing anything wrong!


In an extra attempt to possibly shift some weight this week im doing a 3 mile walk on the downs on saturday afternoon, im going to make full use of the pool at the spa and dance as much as possible saturday night, and im not going to drink anything :)

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