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Here I am....

Well, it's time to take the plunge I guess. (Gulp).

I've been a member on MiniMins for possibly a couple of years now and have lurked in various forms depending on what diet I was investigating/doing/contemplating.

Anywayz, I started LighterLife on Monday 21st February 2011 and, unbelievably, I've only bloody managed to stick to it so far (a definite first) and am just about to complete my fourth week.

My weigh in day is a Thursday and I've lost a total of 16.5 lbs so far.

I hope I've posted this correctly and just really wanted to introduce myself.

Thanks for reading, Suki. Xx
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Well done suki ur doing well, it's the best diet ever and the only one I've ever managed to stick to and see a difference, today I went through a load of jeans that are far to big for me now and got them posted on eBay, before I wouldn't have had the guts to do that as I knew I would never stick to a diet,and they'd soon fit again, it's such a great feeling x


is Magdalicious
Hi Suki :)
Welcome and good luck with the rest of your journey!

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Tough But Sexy X
Hi Suki, congrats on sticking to it up until now and look forward to hearing how things go for you in the future. xx
Hello Suki
I used to be a Fatty Bum.
Have you noticed none of us want to call you that?
Hopefully you will have to change your forum name soon.
Welcome, well done and good luck xx


Tough But Sexy X
SB can you change your forum name, I want to change mine TBSX is a bit of a mouthful lol xx
It just shows me what state my mind was in a couple of years ago when I chose the name 'fattybum'! Looking at it now it seems somewhat negative and the 'new me' would choose something a bit more aspirational! I didn't realise that you could change your user name. I'll get me thinking cap on...

Anyway, the weekend is upon us once again and I really hope that it passes with no urges to eat. To be honest, I've found the whole 4 weeks pretty much an easy ride. There have only been 2 occasions when I have wanted to eat, and both of them have been times when something or someone has really pi$$ed me off. Which showed me that it really isn't my belly that's hungry, it's my brain. Thankfully, I have stuck to the plan 100%, because I know if I cheat on this I will definitely not stick to it again. (Give em an inch mentality!).

A little bit about me. I'm 34, married and have 2 daughters (Connie and Rosie). I work part time for DWP and live in sunny Sheffield. My start weight on LL was 16st 7lbs - the most I have ever weighed in my life. And a lot over the amount I weighed when full term with both my daughters! Before having kids I weighed 9 and half stone and would really like to return to that weight, or somewhere close. I have always understood the reasons why I overate, but have never done anything about them. I'd join WW etc etc but never tackled 'why' as it was too big an issue.

I was disowned by my family as I fell pregnant by my boyfriend (now my husband) and he happened to be English and white, whereas I am Indian. We subsequently married had another child and have been up and down more times than a newly wed brides nightie! I have now realised that I need to leave my husband and am losing weight to give me the confidence to enable this to happen.

So there you are. I'm aware I have included a lot of personal information in this post, but am happy to say what I've said.

May today be an easy ride for all of us!!

Suki Xx


Tough But Sexy X
Hi, well done you for making the choice to get your life back and do something you need to do, leave your husband.

I totally get where you are coming from asked my husbnd to leave six years ago, never divorced, he didnt want to, I met someone many years earlier but had a friendship with him only and fell totally in love, nothing is simple in life. I hoped that when things with the hubby chilled me and the newish guy could share our lives, something we both desperatley wanted but because my hubby was so controlling even when we split my newish relationship was doomed. I couldnt commit I was too scared, he ended up very ill with depression because of my behaviour and ended up meeting someone else who could offer the emtional support I couldnt and left me devastated.

I let myself go, went into depression myself and gave up completely. I ate my way to happiness or so I thought. This year I made a commitment to myself to have the most amazing year ever, my outlook is great, my weight is reducing, I have a good job and I am finally gaining control of my life in all aspects. Go me!

I still have a very complicated life now, both the guys are still in it but only one I really want. I know one day when I have found myself again, we will be together. I also believe you will find the strength, confidence, whatever it takes to do the right thing for you too.

Good luck in losing weight and gaining your life back, it sounds like you have had a tough time making sacrifices, but its your turn now chick xxxx


The possibilities are endless!

Just want to say that I really appreciate people reading and responding to my thread. I've never been supported in anything big in my life and I'm liking the feeling it gives me. The few people who are aware I'm doing LL either say it's a waste of money, that I'm ok as I am, that no way will I last, or that I'll put it all back before the end of the year. Helpful.

Suki Xx


the possibilities are endless!

Thankyou to those people who have read/responded to my thread. I've never been supported for anything in my life, and I'm liking the feeling it gives. The few people who are aware I'm doing LL either tell me it's a waste of money, I'll never stick to it, it's not healthy, I'll put it all back on before the end of the year or that I'm ok as I am. Helpful.

Suki Xx
The possibilities for my new user name could be endless:


Thanks to everyone who has read/responded to my thread. Never been supported in anything in my life, and it's a lovely feeling. The few people who are aware I'm doing LL tend to contribute the same old gems. ie:
It's not healthy,
I'll never see it thru,
It's a waste of money,
You're ok as you are or
You'll put it all back on by the end of the year.


Suki Xx


No pain, no gain
Well done. That's a fantastic start. I just joined back too. I've got my first weighing Tuesday. I'm nervous but excited. Keep motivated and stay strong. Remember 'no pain, no gain'.xxx ?
Hello Ladt T,
Still Sexy I'm sure.
Hi Suki, I work for JCP! down South. Work quite closely with some of your colleagues - for now!
Good luck with LL.It will give you the strength to make those life changes. :)

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