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Here I go again- for the last time!


A little of everything!
Well, for those who don't know me, I've re-started this morning for the last time after maintaining for 3-odd months to try to get under the 10 stone mark. I've never in my life been that weight (well, not since I was 8!) so it'd be a dream come true.
My WI this morning wasn't pleasant- but I know I'm still carrying a little beer/food bloat from my Birthday on Wednesday- so I can cope with that. Hopefully it'll make my first WI bigger! LOL!
I've had 3 big mugs of black tea so far this morning (one litre of fluids already!) as it's so cold at the minute. The thoughts of drinking cold water is making em shiver! But I will try to get at least 1.5 litres of 'pure' water in me each day?
I'm holding off until 11am or so for my first shake. I'm quite looking forward to it?
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hey!! great to have you back - even if its just for a few weeks! i'm blinkin freezing today. on my 2nd coffee and i normally limit myself to 3 a day - might just go over it today!!

you'll do great hun - that beer and food weight will drop of in a couple of days and you could be in for a monster weigh in! you're weighing in at home right? xxx


A little of everything!
Hi Sarahlou. Yes, my wi's are at home.
My pharmacist won't 'let' me do LT anymore! LOL! So I'm going it alone, well with the support of all you guys which is better than any pharmacy!
I'd be very happy with a 5lb loss my first week? My losses were crappy before, so I'm not expecting any different this time, but all I can do is my best, right?


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hey,welcome back on board hun x

you know what to expect hun and i wish you luck x
best of luck hun, ull do great

x x


Otherwise known as Jools
Welcome back and I am sure that you will do fine :D


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:banana dancer:

Whooooo welcome back irish!!!!! :D


A little of everything!
Thanks everyone! Just had my first choc shake, and it was yummy!! I'm still freezing though? Thank God I have a good few soups left (I'm on of the few freaks who like them!) to help keep the chills away? I don't know how I'm going to get my 'pure' water into me- would it make that much difference if it was all black tea?...
Anyway. The day is draaaagggiinnggg. It's amazing how slow time goes when you know you 'can't' have any snacks to break up the day?
I have a busy afternoon though, and have planned a shopping trip & play-date for the girls tomorrow.I've offered to work a while on Sunday and visit my (newly pregnant) sister-in-law that evening, so hopefully by Monday ketosis will have kicked in?
My tummy was grumbling this morning & I lived it!! I think of it as my body 'eating' all the excess fat!! LOL!


A little of everything!
OMG- I've drank nearly 5 pints of black tea so far- thats nearly 3 litres?!? Better slow down a bit...


A little of everything!
Hi Baileyamber- no, I personally didn't find it hard at all. I've maintained my weight for the past 3mths (give or take a lb or two up & down) more or less eating what I liked (well, basically healthy with the odd treat day/night out?), but my pharmacist took me off LT (long story!) and won't 'let' me back on it- so thanks to a kind friend who didn't have the willpower I have 3wks worth of tfr shakes & 1wks maintenence to try to get under the 10st mark- my goal!
I have an underactive thyroid & I suspect carbs are my 'enemy', and LT was the only thing that was shifting the weight. I'd tried EVERYTHING else- pills, potions, faddy diets, dietitians diets, exercise, everything. My dietitian was baffled. And told me to carry on what I was doing. Er...don't think so- I wanted to LOSE weight, not maintain 13-odd stone eating the same calories a 'normal' person would lose on!
So my GP recommended this. he figured since I already knew how to maintain, I needed a 'jump-start' to lose the weight initially- then concentrate on maintaining my losses. So far so good?
(My follow-up dietitians app. came last week- I threw it in the bin!)
oh im with you, well good luck with re starting you seemed v determined and im sure you will get under 10, have you tried drinking warm water? it seems to make me feel fuller as well x


A little of everything!
I'm not a lover of warm water? It makes me feel bleurghy (if thats a word! LOL!) I prefer big mugs of black tea!
Good luck on LT, the first week really is the worst, but the first WI really does make it worthwhile- here's hoping for a big one for both of us!


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I've just gotten into black coffee irish ..... i took a flask of it to work the other morning as i started at 4am and thought im guna need something to wake me up! I made it very very weak, a big flask of hot water and half a teaspoon of coffee and 3 sweetners .... i actually enjoyed it! And i too wondered if i should still drink my 3ish litres of water a day?

I have work tomorrow at 4am too so will be hitting the coffee again :giggle: For someone who has never drank it, even though it was very weak, it certainly woke me up!!!!!!!!!! :D


A little of everything!
I've drunk 3.5 litres of fluids now (including 1 pint of 'pure' water). That'll be it until I get home later on tonight when I'll probably have another 1-2 mugs of tea, which will bring me to just over 4 litres for today- excluding shakes. In my head, I don't think it'll make that much difference, its just adding a leaf to water after all?
I can't stand the smell or taste of coffee, I'll stick to the tea- but my Hubby swears by it's 'awakening' effects- especially on cold early starts!
Talk to you all after the weekend, when hopefully I'll be through the worst of it!


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Ah ok - good luck chick :) xxxxxxxx


One last chance
Welcome back Irish, I wish you all the best :)

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