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Here I go again!

Hiya all!

Ok, so I strated my CD journey back in the middle of March. I lost 3 and a hlaf stones. YAY! But then, what with holidays, and family birthdays, and one excuse after another, I lost my way a bit in July.

But now, after 3 months of buggering about, I've found my resolve (it was behind the sofa! :p) and started SS'ing again. I'm doing really well.

OK, so it's only 11am on my first day, but every hour is a victory as far as I'm concerned so GO ME!!!! :D

I'm peeing constantly, but so far I've kept the hunger pangs at bay with a litre of water and 3 mocha coffees.

I'm riding high at the moment, feeling positivie that I can get at least another 2 stone off before Christmas and then I'll be halfway to goal!

Woohoo!! Bring it on! :cool:

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Wants to be a loser!
Good luck with your re-start lady :).

Sounds like you are on top of the :tear_drop::tear_drop: already which is half the battle :p
Hi Joolz!!!

Well done on coming back!!!

I am coming to the end of my second week, although my weekend was disaterous - will not go into detail, as I am back today more determined than ever to never let that heppen again!

Minimins is fantastic - everyone offers the kind of support and advice that you would receive from close friends and that's exactly how I see everyone on here!!

Good luck with your journey.


Thanks for the encouragement Ruthlet & Mrs V! I've feeling more determined than I have for quite a while, here's hoping I can maintain that!!!

Mrs V, I know what you mean - I have always struggled with weekends, even when I was "in the zone" and cruising along on my first golden time. I always ended up in tears at some point during the weekends! It just seemed such an injustice, not eating when my OH and SD were tucking into my favourites.

I found that, once I was well into Ketosis, having a bar to look forward to on a Saturday night helped no end. That and a can of coke zero, together, was my weekly treat that saved me from insanity!!

Coke Zero definitely helps!!! I am a huge caffeine addict and this has helped me - only 2 cans a day though!
And I still drink 4- 4.5 litres of water too!!!


Staff member
Good luck Joolz with your restart!!!

But now, after 3 months of buggering about, I've found my resolve (it was behind the sofa! :p) and started SS'ing again. I'm doing really well.

2 stone by Christmas is very doable!!!

Love Mini xxx


Gone, but who cares huh
good luck im sure you will be back to your slim self in no time, im on a restart too, i lost 5 and a half last year and put two back on in the last few months for various reasons so im taking it off as well, i have done 12lb in 3 weeks so im well on my way,
Can I Join you all?

Am new to Minimis and hoping to get to grips with the IT wizardry with your glam signatures!! hoping my weight ticker will show in mine...

I am a yo yo-er between 17-14 stone for the last 5 yrs (doing LL and now Cambridge) but hope to finally put a stop to it now! On my 40th last year I was at my heaviest but have since lost some on Cambridge. I have reached a crossroads as my youngest has just started school (boo hoo - am missing him) and now have more time on my hands so when I reach my goal I hope to adopt a healthy eating regime together with joining a gym so wish me luck!

Despite Cambridge being tough I love the potential rapid weight loss if I can just get thru the weekends!!

Cant get to see my CDC for next couple of weeks as she is on holiday so my next official weigh in is in 2 weeks but hoping to stay on the straight and narrow til then. Have family party loomin and half term to get thru so fingers crossed!!!!!

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