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Here we go again. Diary of a serial dieter!


Team FFF!!!
Well I've not been on here for ages! but yet again I'm starting the dreaded weight loss process.

A little bit about my yoyo history.
I started dieting when I was about 16 which was *cough* 18 years ago *cough*
I tried weight watchers, slimfast, slimming world and numerous faddy diets. I always lose weight but it's keeping it off that's the problem.

6 years ago I did lighter life on which I lost 10st4 in 6 months - and now I've put on almost all of it again. Since then I have tried W/W and S/W again with not much joy.

So here I am again, I'm on day 2 of slimming world but trying it alone without classes. I thought maybe keeping a diary of how I'm feeling and what I'm eating might help keep me in check.
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Team FFF!!!
Day 1: 14/03/11

Woke up feeling very positive.

Breakfast: Oats, spoonful of raisins (2syns) skimmed milk (HE A)

Mid morning snack: Banana

Lunch: Jkt potato and beans

Afternoon snack: Half a cucumber!!

Tea: Fishcakes made with mashed potato, salmon, onion, garlic and curry powder. Noodles and salad. 2 spoons light salad cream (4 syns)

Evening snack: Alpen light toffee and chocolate bar (half HE B)
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hello and welcome back :)

Keeping a diary on here really helps. I started mine on 21st feb and it is really keeping me focused and motivated. Keep posting and chatting, I look forward to following your progress.

I too have tried umpteen times to shift this flab, but this time, not only has the lightbulb gone on...it has stayed on! :D

I lost 5 stone years ago, and promptly put it all back on again and then some :eek:

10 stone in 6 months :eek: :eek: :eek: WOW!
Now you know you have done it before, you will do it again I am sure. That is fantastic and so inspirational :)

It's all to do with mental attitude in my case anyway! I'm sick of looking and feeling like I do, no more.."there is always tomorrow" attitude..its today, its now and its happening :)

p.s. your menu sounds lovely...yum!

Good luck :) :) :)


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Are you doing EE?? Just a little thing, you need to eaither measure your oats and use them as your HEB or syn them, sorry to bear bad news, if you weren't aware :)


Team FFF!!!
Are you doing EE?? Just a little thing, you need to eaither measure your oats and use them as your HEB or syn them, sorry to bear bad news, if you weren't aware :)
:eek: I could swear I saw them somewhere as free:eek: hhmm wonder if I can have more oats and not a scan bran......

Thanks for the heads up;)


Team FFF!!!
Day 2: Yesterday

Woke up feeling positive again and looking forward to a walk to work (not done it in over a year) By the time I got there I thought I was having a heart attack:sigh: I cannot believe how unfit I have let myself get and really need motivation to get exercising but I hate it. It really isn't an excuse but I don't seem to have the time, I work until picking the kids up from school, they then have various clubs etc then do the tea, housework and whatever else needs doing. I am doing my degree at college on a Thursday night which involves a scary amount of work at home, plus I manage a pre-school which also has a horrendous amount of work which needs doing at home.

I've been thinking of getting a wii to get the wii fit thing, anyone know if it is worth it? I know I have to do something:(

Anyway yesterday was a good day and while tea was cooking I cooked scotch eggs for tonights tea, spicy chicken for tomorrow's sandwiches and pasta for todays lunch.

Why do I always seem to need to cook all the time while I'm on a diet:confused:


Team FFF!!!
Day 3: Today

Woke up with a massive headache and absolutely shattered:( I know exactly the problem, I drank very little yesterday - another thing I always seem to do when dieting??? So today I've drunk loads and loads and feel better this afternoon.

Whenever I've done slimming world I struggle to eat the sins and the HEX B, any tips? My sins at the moment seem to be raisins and salad cream - not together:p