Here we go again.....for THE last time!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen :wavey:

Well Monday is going to be restart day 1000005050505000306070 for me so thought that I would say hello :D. No seriously, it's not quite that many restarts but it's getting there!

So Monday it is!! I am REALLY nervous for some reason, I feel like I can't take the constant failing all the time but then I know that only I can change that and I am the one making myself feel like that. I need to stop being a martyr and just get on with it!

My hubby and I really want to start fertility treatment in 2009 and this has to be my drive! I have to do it this time.

Anyway, as I said, I just wanted to pop in and say hi. This site is a huge, huge support for anyone who is doing any diet and I hope to be spending a lot more time here.

Have a good weekend everyone :p

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Good luck hun you can do this ,keep your ultimate goal in sight and keep posting here this bunch are a great support .
Thanks Mandy! You are right, this site is great isn't it!

I just have to keep my goal in mind if ever the diet gets "difficult", remember why I am doing it eh ;) xxx


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goodluck daisy doo :) we're all here to support you. try to really focus on the reason you wanna do this diet. plus remember, we've eaten all our lives and if u take a few months out of ur life and get ur health sorted out its gonna be so rewarding and worth it. we're all in this together and u can so do it. so u go girl. x


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what a goal to aim for and one which will bring such joy (mind you when they get to 10 and think they are 18 its a different story ) good luck you can do it x
Thank you Supermummy and Wannabeskinny!!! It's so lovely to come on here even after all my "restarts" and still get support! You are all such an inspiration on here xx


hi your so not alone i restart every week nearly ! good luck you can do it ! im starting tomorrow so we can keep each other posted x mellyb
Good luck Mellyb! This has to be my last restart so if I look like I am waivering feel free to kick me up the bum ;) xxxx


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Good luck Daisy, you CAN do it!



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Hey there I'm also re-starting for the gosh-knows-how-many-times!! I know that I can do it, and just have to keep tellin myself that. It is mind over matter, and today is the new start of a slim new me. We can be a dress size smaller for Crimbo! Good luck! xxx

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Good Luck!


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Good lcuk all you re-starters... You can do it :)