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here we go again!!!!


hates diets
ok...i did cd last year lost 3 stone in 10 weeks felt fantastic...had a goal , the goal posts were moved ....so the diet took a bit of a backburner....tried sw...failed....tried ww.....failed...can you see the picture here !!!!! have gained 2 stone of the 3 i lost and it has finally smacked me in the face that i need to loose it again...have had a sh** year with one thing or another ...but its time toput all that behind me and crack on....
im going back to see my cdc on tues, got a bit emotional on the phone today...feal like a failure...im so ashamed of myself for giving in and letting food comfort me ...never mind....
i have a wedding at the weekend and a pre booked meal a week tues....so heres the question...
do i jump straight into it on wed , knowing that ill be drinking and eating etc on saturday and my meal.....or do i wait til next week when the functions have finished and maybe try and cut down on carbs this week in preparation....answers on a postcard please !!!!!!
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One day at a time!
Welcome back and good luck! It's so rubbish when weight piles back on but you know why and you know how to resolve it! If I were you I would wait until the functions were over and then start - that way you will not feel that you have started and stopped and started again. It might be worth trying to reduce your carb intake in the meantime and then just enjoy the wedding and your meal out. Then you can go SS with determination and no interruptions. Good luck - looking forward to your first weigh-in results already!:)
I agree with Minxie! Unless you're prepared to go to the do and not eat or drink anything, you're going to add to that horrible (and unjustified) feeling of failure that you have already. One evening out isnt going to make much difference to what you weigh so I say go for it and then get yourself on CD with a clear run. You need a confidence boost and having a successful CD week with a lovely weight loss at the end of it is just the ticket.
Be positive hun - most people gain everything they've lost and more so you've done fab to have kept a stone off. Loads of good luck with it and look forward to see you posting your losses on here! xxx


hates diets
thank you.....think i made the decision to start next week anyway ....but sometimes just need someone to second my idea if thats make sense!!!! ill have the stuff all ready to go ..it will be watching me from the pantry cupboard up until then!!!!! i feel really determined.....im 36 now and by the time im 40 i want to be looking better than ever !!!!


WILL be Slim!
personally, i would start straight away....
The problem with gaining weight (i've done this too but this is the first time i;ve done CD), is that its letting food have the upper hand, and by waiting another week, its exactly the same situation...but that is just a personal opinion...i had my own leaving do at work and didnt eat or drink....losing the weight is far more important to me right now.
Whatever you decide to do, good luck and i hope those first 3 days dont feel as bad considering you know what to expect....or does that make it worse? lol
Hope you enjoy the social events hun xxx

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