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Here we go again!

Hello everyone,

To anyone who remembers me I am now back!. I started the Cambridge Diet SS last year and succesfully lost over 3 stone. I then had a break when I went on holiday to Turkey in August and it was a downhill slide from there. I also moved house and at the new house could not get connection to the internet so couldnt get any support from here. I battled week after week to get back on track but just couldnt succeed and something always came up. Well I have put on about 10lbs according to my scales - havent been to see my CDC for quite a few weeks now as couldnt face keep going to say that I had failed again!!! I feel truely miserable now as I could of reached my goal by now however i cant change the past but can change the future. I have now sorted out my internet connection and after reading the success stories on here I now cant wait to get back on track, I have just sent a really long apologetic email to my counsellor asking if she will see me again so I can get SS towards my goal. I have found before that it is when I have special occaisons coming up that I fall off the wagon so I have decided not to start again until the first week of January as I'm off to Sweden to celebrate new year and will be back on 5th so hoping my counsellor will see me on 7th/8th of January and then by April I will be at my goal.
Anyway just wanted to say I'm back and I am going to do this!! Also wanted to say Hi to everyone and well done to some of the members I can remember from before your weight loss is fantastic.
Also is anyone in similar situation to me I now have about 50lbs to lose and I would love a buddy. :D
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Welcome back Tinkerbella! I'm just starting my SS journey and have a bit more weight to drop than you but I'd love to be your buddy! Best of luck to you and I'm sure you'll do great - especially knowing that your triggers happen around the holiday.

Thanks for replying how are you finding the diet so far?
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Good luck Tink, I also have 50lbs to lose and will be seriously ss'ing 100% at the beg of the year. Right now I'm concentrating on 810 until then so as not to undo what I've achieved so far. So I'd love to be your bud for that last haul of this journey
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Hi Tinkerbella, welcome back and sounds like you haven't gone crazy as 10lbs is not a bad gain at all since August. Your gain will also come off in a flash on this diet. x
Hi enlightenme,
looks like we are at very similar stages with our weight - just a few lbs in our starting weight, weight now and goal! Would be great to be buddies! Were you SSing at start of diet? How are you finding 810?
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Best of luck Tinkerbella, you've done it before....you can do it again. I managed to reach goal after two attempts.
Keep focused any you'll be fine
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Hi , I am going to restart my CD in 1st week of January I've already contacted my CD counselour. Same as you lost some weight earlier this year went on Holiday and could not get back on track. Took some time off but new year new start and new me :) . I would like to loose 2.5 - 3 stone. Good luck and look forward to seeing you around
Hi Tink,

So far I like the diet! Its pretty interesting to completely change a bit dinamic in my life - aka food. I like the fact that I can just have a shake and be done with it, no obsessing about what to make for dinner or lunch or breakfast. That and I'm actually saving a little money from not eating out or buying a ton of groceries at the store. Typically I like to cook but my cooking style is a bit worldly so I end up buying some relatively rare ingredients that cost more, I need to stop that for sure :). I had a bit of a screw up this last night but so far I've stuck to the diet for the most part and looking forward to getting back on track today.

Keep us posted and best of luck!
Thanks for all your support guys!

Aseyan - one of the reason why this diet worked for me before was the fact that as you say it is so easy. Some people think it is expensive - but honestly for me if you add up all the weekly bits and bobs that you spend when shopping it works out to be quite reasonable plus I love the fact that you get results so quickly. Another thing I love about this diet is the feeling of wellbeing after you've gone into ketosis and the trips to the loo calm down. Cant wait to start now!!
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Welcome back tink!!!! You know that you can do this. We know that you can do this. Good luck hun x x
Hi everyone,

CDC emailed me back and I've made my first appointment for the 8th Jan - cant wait to get back on it and I'm looking forward to seeing my CDC again. Went through a stage when I was struggling to get back on CD after my hols where I dreaded everything about the diet it became a complete mind block - but things have changed I'm now really excited about getting back on - know it will be a struggle but also know that once i'm into ketosis the weight will just drop off and hopefully i'll feel great like a did before.
For all of you restarting in Jan let me know when your appointments are?
S: 123kg C: 98.6kg G: 80kg BMI: 29.5 Loss: 24.4kg(19.84%)
Hi enlightenme,
looks like we are at very similar stages with our weight - just a few lbs in our starting weight, weight now and goal! Would be great to be buddies! Were you SSing at start of diet? How are you finding 810?
I SS'd pretty much straight through. 810 derailed me a bit, guess I'm not into portion control yet. Then I got so sick (evryone at home actually), that between work, the kids being sick, the hols etc., I decided to calorie count til the end of the year. I will back to SS as the first week of Jan.

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