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here we go on my own!!!!

Hello everyone im hollie and i was previously going to weight watchers meetings but the nearest one to me got cancelled:cry: but im so glad i found this website cuz i can do it on here with the support of all you lovely people hee hee any comments and advice welcome x x x x

day one (on here)

tescos light choices cranberry bars 1.5
2 pieces of toast 3
tin of beans 3
i think a tin is 4 and half 2 :confused:
king prawn satay 5
noodles 4.5
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i make a tin of the tesco value beans 3pts and every other tine 4.5, the tesco light choices ones are more points than the regular value ones


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
well im going on holiday with my boyfriend for the first time and hes never seen me in a bikini and i didnt look good in one last year, i wasnt fat just a bit too squidgy for my liking ( i never showes him the pictures lol). My tip is not eating after 6/7pm because ur metabolism slows down in the evenings in readiness for sleep where EVERYTHING slows down.
yea thats true some nights i do tend to binge tho lol but im sure i can put that to a stop lol
well i wanna lose weight cuz i had a baby
its really wierd tho cuz i wey like 12 st but im like a size 10/12 like not really that big if u get me
so do you eat all your points then


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah im the same, i was 10st 10 when i started but was only a 10/12 too. i dont generally eat all my points i probably eat between 12-16 my allowance is 19. how about you?
im allowed 23 but never really eat um unless i have a couple of glasses of wine and a bad tea lol. so do you weigh at home? i gotta get some scales lol. before i had my lil girl i was 9 and a half and a slim 10 so just wanna be like that again its wierd how i weigh 12st tho lol cuz i really dont look it someone said i could be retaining water. so do you reckon you would have done this well if you werent goin on holiday?


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
nah i dont mind having a few extra curves but a photo of me in a bikini really sends me quaking lol so i dont mind, although i also have a few dresses that were become a bit tight and i looooooooovvvvveee my dresses and arent willing to let them just hang in the wardrobe. i do weigh at home, i do weight watchers completely by my self no meetings, no online subscription, i just use this site for support and inspiration how about you?


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
im going to greece :) i cant wait the scales i have are really reliable, they may still be on sale in argos they are made my EKS, and they are body analyser ones, they have given me consistant results and were only £10!!! reduced from £35


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
breakfast i usually have two slices of ww toast with an extra light laughing cow triangle with marmite. 1.5pt

lunch i usually have some soup and some ww bread. 0.5pts
or some grilled fish with veg-about 3-4pts

dinner i usually have a ww ready meal with veg, or hot dogs made with ww petit pains, light choices sausages and a cheese slice :)

oooh a nice one is home made chips with fish fingers. I use 300g potatoes and cut into chip shapes and grill until crispy, and 4 fish fingers, with salad 7pts

or get the ready cooked chicken slices from tesco 170g and weight watchers curry sauce with 50g rice which is 7.5pts


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah i am pretty strict however i had a few days where it was three of my friends birthdays and we went our for dinner three nights in a row and had alot of wine but i just got back on track after that, and i had only gained half a lb during those three days

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