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Heres Hoping...

Hi Folks. Im Aíne...I started Lipotrim on the 9th August 2010. That to me was the first day of a better and healthier life. I live with my bf of 3 years who has been brilliant about this. When I started I was 16 stone 7lb, And 5ft 7 so as my print out said..I was 'Super Obese'.

Im starting this diary in the 2nd month, Because need something to focus on from now onwards, To avoid the boredom and hopefully to educate others on what they can expect.

Month On in Summary was better than I expected- I didn't have any headaches, And I wasnt tempted at all to eat, Fueled by motivation and hope. So my weight loss went like this..

Week One-8lb
Week Two-5lb
Week 3-4lb
Week 4-2lb

So I was buzzing with the initial weight loss, However it did take a dip on week 4, This is because I didnt drink enough water, Totally my own fault.

So I have to go tomorrow for week 5's weigh in (2 days early)..So fingers crossed.

Im doing this til Christmas, By then I want to be at 11 stone, And will then continue through January until Im 10 stone. After that I will maintain at slimming world. Ive been heavy since I was a child so this is the best thing I can ever do for myself, The biggest step I can take for the rest of my life. So fingers crossed, U and I can all do it together! x
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Fighting for My Health
Fantastic weight losses :) Thanks for posting. I love reading how people further down the road are doing, it's very inspiring :) Good luck for tomorrows (well today's lol) weigh in xx
Well done Aine, 4 weeks down! I'm sure you will look great by christmas. The diary is great to keep the motivation going and record how you are feeling. Keep up the good work! :)
Emma x
Thanks for the replies, I agree I think a diary is a really positive thing to do.

So Im the the eve of my fifth weigh In, Im really hoping to pull a big number this time because up to now its gone 8/5/4/2 which I have been somewhat annoyed with. However this week Ive really been focusing on drinking 3 litres Minimum this week per day so hopefully this will help me.

Also on the looks front Ive really started to get compliments about my loss, And not just from people who know Im on Lipo which has been really good. In my own opinion I cant see much of a difference but thats down to seeing myself everyday and not noticing change, Combined with knowing I have a long way to go (About 70 lb).

I originally thought I would be 10 stone for Xmas, And hopefully when I get smaller and start swimming etc I will, But for now because of the small losses Im resigned to 11.5 ish. Hopefully this will look Ok on my 5'7 frame.

Ill let u know how I get on 2maro, After 10pm when I finish work.

Aine xxx


Fighting for My Health
Good luck for weigh in tomorrow :) xx


Getting married in July!!
Hiya. How did weigh in go????? U hav me on d edge of my seat here. Hope it was great hun. Xxx
Well Well Well..Im SO sorry I didn't update this sooner, My Internet was down..

Went on Monday & (Drumroll please!)...I lost 7lb!! I swear I was nearly crying lol. I was just sooo happy.

I must admit its to do with the water, I increased it and had my 2nd biggest loss (The first was when I had my first week and again was drinking loads of water). So Im on 3 litres a day from now on. Pissin like a racehorse but Ill be a skinny racehorse by the end of it.

So now Ive gone from the 16 stone's right past the 15's and Im now 14-11lb so hopefully get that right down to just under 14 and a half on monday then get the next half off the week after. Think Im well on course to be half way there by my birthday (Nov 5th).

The very 1st month of this I saw the end result a long way away, Now Im seeing all the mini celebrations along the way and its really keeping me going, For example going through 3 different 'stones' so far and Ive gone from being a size 20 to having a pair of 16's that will fit me come Monday (they button but I need a bit of room if Im wearing them to work all day lol).

This has been the biggest favour Ive ever done myself. Im so proud of everyone giving this a shot because its an example of strength and ability to say enough is enough.

Well Done Xo
Well done, can't manage the drum roll but I'm clapping for you!

Incidentally how much water are you supping? I've never managed more than 3 litres and that's on a very good day
Thanks Daisy, U are doing brilliant too..Xo Have U maintained drinking alot of water throughout this?

Sandra I increased it to 3 lol. Ur doing amazing drinking that every day. Its a struggle but Im getting it down and no more lol.


Getting married in July!!
Iv gotten very bad with having most of my water in the evening and not spaced out through the day but your loss has inspired me and im going to cop on. I want to be a skinny race horse too!!!!!!!
Well done. You are doing so well. I think I'll get supping more water too. It seems to be working so well for you.
Hiya, Sorry It took so long to update, Broadband Outage in my area (Grrr).

So this week I lost another 5lb, Im delighted, I wasnt having great losses as I said until I started drinking the water so Im really gulping it down now. Ive gone over the 2 stone mark now by 2lb and hopefully after another 2 weigh ins Ill hit 3.

Yay ! XO

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