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Heres my order...What do you think to the flavours?

S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
I shall be doing the SS+ so here are my 3 a day CDs...plus i shall be having my chicken with green veg.

What i like for my 21 items are....

Bars Flavours:

  • 2 Caramel
  • 1 Chocolate
  • 1 Orange
  • 3 Peanut Crunch
Mix-a-Mousse granules (How much does this cost?)

Sachets Flavours:

  • 1 Butterscotch,
  • 3 Chocolate Mint,
  • 1 Fruits of the Forest,
  • 1 Toffee and Walnut,
  • 1 Vanilla,
  • 1 Oriental Chilli,
  • 1 Vegetable.
  • 1 Chocolate Orange,
  • 3 Leek and Potato.
Tetra Briks Flavour:

  • 1 Banana Bliss,

I am allergic to Mushrooms, so cannot have that one...

Which ones on my list do you like and why?

Sorry for asking you all loads of questions i woke up in a bored mood, so i want to learn more and more!!!
I do not like banana or choclate mint and choclate orange, and i am weary of anything nuttty.

i usually go for 7 soup's and 14 shakes/bar's more shakes :)

i paid £3.50 for my mix a mouse, depends on cdc's.

i like everything else, and also chicken and mushroom is my fave :)


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Good you have a range of flavours.

Bar should be introduced in week 3.

The RRP for Mix-a-mousse is £4.15, but CDC are at liberty to charge what they like.


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We must be opposites as the shakes on your list are the ones im not keen on and I dont like the soups at all.lol.
I like the peanut and caramel bars together half of each bar with caramel on top of peanut is like a snickers bar yummmy.


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Mix-a-Mousse granules (How much does this cost?)
Mousse mix - £3.00/£4.15 depending on pot size according to Linda here

But it will depend on how much your CDC is charging as they can charge what they want.

I loved the chocolate tetra. Hated the banana one, those I believe some people prefer that.

Also liked the malt bar the best. Some of the other flavours I haven't tried as they weren't out when I did the diet :(

Don't forget the bars aren't allowed until week 3. Well worth waiting for :)
I love the banana i have it hot/cold and made into porridge, I have choc and choc mint again hot/cold, cappacino again hot/cold, strawberry, I sometimes have the butterscotch made into mousse. there is such a good selection of flavours you really need to try them all to see which you like and also you will like one one week then the next you will go off ot.lol ( well I do any how). O yes and I have vanilla as porridge too.
Hee hee, my week supplies looks like this

chocolate tetra x 21 I didnt mind a taste of a few flavours, but they made me feel sick so I just couldnt take them. The chocolate tetra is the only one I can stomach. Sometimes I get chicken & mushroom or spicy tomato soup but just for a change of flavour and not recently
I'm with you Hedgehog, this week my order was 21 Choc tetras! I find it difficult to stomach the sachets unless i made them into muffins. My first week I had a muffin a day and I am not sure that was a good idea really.

I have ordered a months supply to pick up next week, which were:
42 x Choc Tetras
4 x Caramel Bars
8 x Chocolate Bars
8 x Orange Bars
8 x Toffee Bars
4 x Banana sachets
3 x Chocolate sachets
3 x Vanilla sachets
4 x Strawberry sachets

I have bought the sachets as I am going to try and make some other recipes that aren't cooked and maybe if I add lots of ice, etc they will be ok. :D
For my first weeks order I bought all flavours (except for briks and bars as not allowed til week three). I made a vow to try all of them as there was no way I was going to miss any of the flavours just through reading what everyones faves are!!! So far I have try all but the normal choc and the choc orange. The only one I really did not like, was the broccoli and cheese soup :jelous: Made myself finish it though :p Good thing I bought only one of those.

My real faves at the moment are Fruits of forest and toffee walnut shakes. Of the soups my faves are leek and potato and spicy tomato. Just had chicken and mushroom, enjoyed that one too.
hee hee, I had 10 weeks of 95% chocolate tetras :) now on my 3rd day of only them too

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