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HEX Question

No sorry Hun...it doesnt work like that...


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I was always told no also. You could syn your laughing cow, they are only 1 syn each. x
Thanks for asking the question.

I would have assumed you could!!!


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hmm, I was told in class we could half the syns...? I am doing it sometimes. :eek: Will check again with my SWC on next WI

B. xx


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I'm glad you asked that question pink peony cos I was thinking the same!! I was thinking instead of 2 slices of bread have 1 and instead of 2 alpen light bars have 1. I'll ask the consultant when they fone on Tuesday. (I'm a postal member and they fone me every Tuesday)
depends on the size of the slices-most loaves work out as 1.5 slices to a B choice...worth checking-thats one occasion where it shows the importance of weighing and measuring ur Healthy Extras x
i asked my consultant if i only want 3 laughing cow light triangles instead of the six do i have to pick another a and syn the triangles and she said no just count them as your a and not have any other type of a


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That's what I tend to do too, if I put milk in a past n sauce then I count it as my full milk allowance even if I don't manage to use the rest. I always feel better overestimating and giving myself a buffer x


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I would have assumed you could too, definitely gonna bring it up at my next meeting.
<whispers> I do it and it hasn't hindered my losses (yet) but I am a big believer that if it works for you and makes it easier then that's fine! I usually will have 9g of parmesan and then 2 babybel lights to make up 1 HEX A or 1 slices of WW wholemeal bread and 1 Alpen Light. </whispers>
Our consultant is really hot on Healthy extras and says if you don't have the full amount of a choice then you must count it as a syn. So, for instance, if you only have 3 laughing cow lights cheeses instead of the full 5, then it is not a 'true' HE A and therefore must be counted as 4.5 syns. Healthy extras are there to make sure we are getting enough of the important calcium and fibre and so the full amounts ensure that we are getting the RDA (recommended daily amount)
She says she wasn't actually aware of this until recently, but HQ confirmed it to her.
As for having half of one and half of another, I have known consultants to say that was ok and I know people that do it too but I guess as always, its a case of trial and error!
Checked with SWC today and she said that this is not really supported by SW. However, as long as there is still a weight loss it's fine.

So I will still count 1 weetabix and 1 Alpen light bar as 1 HexB on occasion (don't do that very often and so far it has not done any harm to my weight loss) :D

B. xx


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I think that's hitting the nail on the head, if it's occasional and doesn't halt your losses then why not? We need some flexibility from time to time x
Just to let you know that I received my call from the support team and I asked the question of splitting Hex. She said it is fine as long as it is an easy split like 1 slice of bread and i alpen light bar.

So there we go, i've heard it from HQ

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