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HEx used over more than one meal?


Slimming tortoise :o)
OK folks, I have a question and hope I can explain it clearly here.

I made a Quorn tangine last night using a HExB for the dried fruit element, but it will last me 2 or perhaps even three meals...... do I calculate this as one half/one third of a HExB per portion?

Hope this makes sense?

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Unfortunately you cannot carry some of your healthy extra over to other days - you have to use it on the day or lose it. So yesterday you could have counted it as half a HEB but the next time you have the meal you would have to either syn the dried fruit or use another half HEB for it.
I do this sometimes. I use half a hx i then have half of something else and do the same the next day, so i never have more than the daily allowence. For instance, i do green so i would have half a hxb of tuna and an alpen light, then the same the next day, and my second hxb of something else like bread. sw do say you can split them, so as long as the fruit isnt an *extra* 1/2 hxb it is allowed. hope that makes sense!


Slimming tortoise :o)
Thank you ladies - that makes perfect sense. I love this recipe and usually make it in large portions to freeze, but if it means I have to use half a HEx for what is probably less than a dessert spoon full of dried fruit in each portion then I don't think I'll bother in future - I'll just make enough for the one sitting or two at the most.

Advice much appreciated!


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Why don't you just Syn the fruit?


Slimming tortoise :o)
Why don't you just Syn the fruit?
Rather use them on other things TBH Alwyn :) . The syn values are pretty high - around 6 for the apricots and prunes (equal to a HEx).

I suppose split into 2-3 portions it's not too bad though... perhaps 2-3 syns per portion.............mmmmmmmmmm - that's a thought!


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