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Hexb and HexA

The 2 alpen light bars are a B choice on both days.
cheese is an A choice on both days but also a B choice on green.
Be careful though, only certain cheeses count as an A choice due to calcium content.
HTH Jaylou
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That is only 1 HEA & HEB - you only ave 1 of each on Extra Easy days, you are allowed 2 of each on green/red - i.e. 250ml s/skim milk and another 28g cheese/28g cereal/tin of soup etc

Hope this helps


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Hi there

You should make 2 choices from the Healthy extra B section each day, unless you do Extra Easy and you only choose one then. Hope this helps.

Mrs V

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You are supposed to have 1 HeA and 2 HeB's Hun (you could have 2 HeA and 2 HeB, but the general is the first option).
So you arent having enough. Also variety is the key...although you having the right amount ie. 2 Alpen Light bars, you need to vary the He's, otherwise your body wont work on it.
Have a look at the food diary section on here hun to give you some ideas on He's too.
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My only suggestion is you vary your HEXB. For ideas you could look at some of the food diaries on here.

At our group recently they suggested eating a different B each day. Apparently those who tried it saw a difference in their weight loss.
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- alot of people suggest varying heb's - good advise and does work, but personally i always have cheese or milk and always have 2 alpens as they keep me fullest.



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Something is wrong if I only take one of my HEa choices lolol

They are there to have and I have them :)

I would agree that you have to have 2 HEb daily though (2 Alpen light bars count as 1 HEb).

I tend to have the same HEx's every day (or from the same limited list anyway), and have done since I began on SW.

Always Weetabix (HEb) and 250ml s/skimmed milk (HEa)

Then depending on my plans for dinner I have either:

> HEb with my dinner (cod/tuna/bacon/ham) or 2 Alpen light bars/1 HiFi bar depending on what I fancy
> 2 Ryvita original with 2 Dairylea original triangles with my lunch if I'm at home for it rather than being at work
> 2 mini Babybel if I am taking it to work as a snack

My food diary is pretty dull I guess as it is always the same foods repeated, but I like them haha, and if it ain't broke don't fix it :)

Best of luck
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I totally vary my heb, but do stick to few choices (I just dont do teh same for more than 2 days running).

I use alpen lights, puffed wheat, wholegrain crackerbreads (6 of these) pagen krisprolls (3 of these) or 2 slices of wholemeal 400g loaf bread.

I do EE by the way.

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