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Extra Easy hexb query?

at my group we are advised not to do this, not sure why tho xx


I see the light!

I think people are advised not to in case of loosing track of what you have already eaten etc? Myself I have been splitting them all the way through without no ill effects. eg I would have 3 wholemeal crispbreads and then have an alpen light bar later. Easier to do with the grab and go things rather than the weight type HE.


Helen xxx


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Yes you can do this! It clearly says on the SW FAQs that you can split your HEs as long as they are single food items - so bread and alpen lights are okay but not porridge as the HEB is supposed to be porriodge + scanbran.
I just wondered as I really enjoy having my alpen light bar for when I fancy a biscuit with my tea - but don't really need two.. And when I'm having egg at breakfast, I miss toast, but don't feel I need two slices.. Just wondering whether to syn one of them and stick with it :/
I split mine too sometimes, so would have the same as you, slice of toast brekkie and alpen light with a cup of tea at night. I still lose on average 2 pounds per week. And as Circles says, it does say you can do this on the site xx


Yes as circes said, the questions and answers section on the sw website clearly says you can do this with single food items such as you are talking about. So enjoy.

I think if consultants are saying it is not advisable they are in my opinion not teaching the plan properly and need to check what they are doing especially when people are paying to go to their group.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but when I first started my new potential consultant was giving out wrong info and I knew and I had just started :eek: so I moved group.

I need as much help as possible so wrong info is a no no :D

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