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hey all


please try again
am sneaking back in

had a bad week this week, health problems stupid as it sounds i thought i had a tumour

turns out i have a severe prolapse and am gonna need surgery to put my womb back up where it should be

only problem is my bmi is still in the 40's so im gonna have to buckle down and get on with it because i cant deal with the pain and i feel ike a freak, come on im 28, my baby was prem so its not like a long labour caused it

so please wish me an easy ride this first week because i damn well have to do it
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you can do it hun!! i too am 27 (almost 28..)
i dont have any kids... and dont know what it feels like to be in your shoes. but im sure i can speak for everyone here.... we are all here for you...


please try again
im having to give up zumba classes now :(

was at one last night having a ball until it fell out :(

other half wont be getting lucky for a very long time, there goes my other source of exercise, lol

seriously why do i have the body of an 80 year old :(


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Come on Claire!! Don't be so hard on yourself - you have done amazingly well! We are all in the same boat - basically v. unhappy with our bodies... So - come on, back on it today with a vengeance.

Oh, and take it easy... sounds nasty.



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yes dont be so hard on yourself...
when are they going to do the operation to fix you?


please try again
yes dont be so hard on yourself...
when are they going to do the operation to fix you?
waiting times 12 - 18 weeks i believe but have to see the gynae folks and the gps quite sure i wont be operated on until im below bmi 30 maybe lower so not sure what they will do in the mean time, kegals sure as heck didnt work, lol
Hey clare, it might seem to you that 30 bmi is a long way away, but you will soon get there.... you can lose weight so quickly with Cambridge that it happens in no time at all, you could probably reach there in your 12-18 weeks wait for the operation and if your gynae people see that you are making an effort to lose the weight they will probably give the go ahead straight away....

So sorry you are in so much pain, you must be feeling really awful at the moment, but just think you will also feel much better when you have lost the weight too....

Good luck!


Slowly but surely x
Babes - look at your journey so far, Im so proud of you! You are an inspiration to me and I admire your journey and weight loss so far,
And prolapse? Dont worry sweets, it can happen to anyone. Its just a case of a few stitches and pelvic floor exercises.
Sending you a huge hug x
Hi Claire - I am back too. Stick at it - you have wonderful reason for it.
Day one for me today and I am just longing to get up tomorrow morning and know I got to day 2 :)


is a naughty girl...
Oh Claire - I am sorry to hear you are in pain and are feeling miserable. You are an amazing strong woman to have got this far and I am positive you will carry on :) xx
Oh hon .. they are not pleasant (have not had one but have looked after those who have). Take care of yourself.

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