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  1. rachael125

    rachael125 New Member

    Im so glad there is a forum for the CD.

    Im starting the CD on the 6th Feb i know its a couple of weeks about but thats the only date me and my bf are off together ( were doing it together) for the consultant to see us.

    For once in my life im excited to start a diet lol, after seeing so many success stories and seeing some amazing pictures i cant wait to begin.

    I know it will be difficult so in the next few weeks expect some grogginess :( but overall i cant wait to change my life and hopefully make friends with you lot :)

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  3. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Full Member


    I was the same as you, super excited to start and I am actually finding it (dare I say it) easy. I am on day 11 just now and I am loving how empowering it feels to be in control of what I am eating for once (food has controlled me since childhood) the buzz you get from seeing the numbers drop on the scales is great too. Good luck for feb.x
  4. lula09

    lula09 Member

    Good luck! I get excited every time I get my products after my weigh in, it's like getting goodies. I know what you mean about being excited about starting, I felt the same
  5. JillyB79

    JillyB79 New Member

    Okay - just started and am on Day 1 - Have quite a lot to lose but feel motivated that there are so many of us out there doing this too!
  6. Size10byApril

    Size10byApril New Member

    Hi Lula,

    I have the same stats as you. I am starting on Thursday and am 12st7lbs too, wanting to get to about 10st. Great to see your weight loss tracker and hoping to follow the same route and acheive the loss you have, well done!

    Can't wait to begin.

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