Hey alll


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Hi all

My name is Kielee (spelt Kielee said kylie), i am planning on starting slimming world again in the next few weeks, i have done it before and lost just over 2 stone, i stopped doing it for one weekend then one turned into two and two turned into over a year and i have put the 2 stone back on and another 2 to join it. Its now getting to me alot and i feel i need to do something about it. Im hoping with everyone in the same boat i wont be judged for my weight and its just nice to have a place to come where everyone understands how hard it really is.

I met my partner when i was 16 and weighed 10 stone 2lb and at 5 ft 10 i was a size 12 and looked great and when i go for my first week i think ill be near enough spot in saying i have doubled that in 6 years and 4 months which is hard to swallow when i look at my pics before and then look in the mirror now and see someone else looking back at me.

Ok enough before i end up in tears again about my weight.

I hope to be getting the support from you guys in the future, hearing all of your story's and the help when the temptation to hit the mcdonalds breakfasts kicks in lol.

love kielee xx
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Hi Kielee and welcome to Minimins. Well done you for your original weight loss, see, you know you can do it as its already worked for you once.
Don't be too disheartened about putting it back on, at least you've decided the time is right to sort it out and SW is a great plan. There's also a new plan out in Jan to look forward to.
Good luck.


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welcome to mini's, and good luck on the impending journey, I know you can do it and you'll be seeing that slim girl in the mirror again before you know it! and the support here is second to none :)


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Welcome to minimins and good luck on achieving your goals. Good luck on restarting SW


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Hi Kielee, yes the trick is in maintaining weight loss isn't it. You've lost the weight before, and I'm sure you can loose it again. Good luck.