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Hey Guys :)) - 7st and counting :))

Hey people. I searched in Google 'how long will it take to lose 7 stone' - perhaps one of the worst ways to look at things but i gladly stumbled across this forum in my search (every cloud has a silver lining - or some other, more fitting phrase ;) haha) .. Well, a little about me...

(i dont want to disclose too much information about myself, i wish to remain unknown in a way but would still love the benefit of getting the support from you nice people :) )

My names Ricky, im from Yorkshire, i love hanging around with mates, drinking (socially of course), having a good time at college and i play quite a bit of Xbox, im also mental about music, heavy metal, rock, rnb, dance, hip hop, rap, grime - basically anything :D, i have been battling with my weight for too many years to count, and have been on countless 'attempted' diets to try and sort it out... im 16 years of age (17 in June) and i want to lose weight for the sole reason of wanting to get a girlfriend, lose my virginity to somebody i am deeply in love with (at an average age of 17/18/19) and truly care about, without been ashamed of my body... i weigh in at around 19 stone (though many true friends, and often strangers say i dont look it) and would ideally like to lose a stone before Christmas, then move on to becoming 14 stone then watching my weight over 2010, taking each day as it comes... I also wish to lose weight to be able to get a car i am comfortable in and be able to be comfortable in myself and earn respect from people that often take advantage due to my weight... so heres the basis of my story...

I have been overwight all of my life, from an early age i got what i wanted and wouldnt stop moaning until i did - not a day goes by that i dont wish that there was a time machine and i could right all of my wrongs and be a better person... i had some early childhood memories thrown back in my face countless times and throughout my early years right up until 'teen-hood' i continued to feel down everyday... i wasnt as bad as i am now (i gained a stone every year (11 years old, 11 stone) etc. etc.

When teen years hit i was confident in myself but when i was sad one day i would binge eat to the point of feeling sick every day, on the usual foods such as crisps, chocolate, sandwiched and so on, which made situations worse, bullying occured (i missed the last half of year 11 due to it) and this made my situation worsen further... and it spiralled out of control.. i am now in college and want to gain control of myself and become happy, as i know i can be... i have been on many diets before whereby i either ate healthy and didnt excercise, or excercised and ate unhealthily... which doesnt really mix well and achieve best of results - i want to put them into action together...

a few weeks ago i felt good about myself having found that i had lost half a stone in just under 2 weeks, going jogging, eating reasonably well (but not as good as i can) and this spurred me on until i started getting daily chip butties from the local chippy near college :/ - not a good move haha...

i wont go into details as it would bore you but putting a horrific past, bullying and countless family issues together has evolved into a terrible weight issue that ive failed to control .. until now :D

(sorry for the horrible layout ive rushed through this as im eager to go out for my daily jog lol :) ) nice to have found the site and lets hope ive got a success story to share i nthe few months to come
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Hey Rickyy,

I just wanted to say good luck to you...

I've only started mine today, but as long as i'm on this site and typing away - i'm spending less time stuffing my face! lol

So, anytime you want some motivation or a little encouragement, support or just a good old moan .... come here and you'll get what you want.
I've read through the forums over the last few weeks and finally signed up yesterday. There are some really, really inspirational stories on here... I'm sure you'll be one of them soon enough.

Good luck again, and 'thumbs up' for already doing the jogging.

♥ LOVE ♥
Thanks alot :) Over the past weeks my confidence has soared and now i go out to the cinemas, other peoples houses and parties all the time now as oppose to being too scared to go to the shops.. a huge change which should benefit me in the long term whilst trying to lose the weight...

Thanks again and good luck in your journey to success :)
Hello and welcome to what truly is a fantastic forum! Have you decided what plan you're going to follow? You'll get loads of good advice from everyone on here regardless of what plan they follow, but as Slimming World girl I would say pop on over and say hi - there's some peeps on there who have had incredible losses all with eating great foods and following a real lifestyle plan! Whatever you decide to go with good luck xxx
Hi Ricky

i can completely empathise with you, my story has some similarities to yours especially the 1 stone per year, 19 years old and 19st then it took a few more years of yo-yoing but at my heaviest around 25-26 years old i was 23st 10!!!

now aged 34 after many attempts and good success at weight watchers (42lbs in 10 months) i was up at 20st 1lb a week last wednesday

thats the day i started Lipotrim

now 8th December i'm 18st 11lbs, thats 18lbs in not quite two weeks!!

i did research the diet before starting and it was pretty tough for the first couple of days, cutting out food entirely but to see these results in two weeks is amazing

i've worked out the day i come back to work 4th Jan 2010 i should be 17st!!!! its been 15 years since i've been that weight

i too have had an amount of unhappiness during the years but fortuantely i've managed to have such a positive outlook my whole life that i've combatted those demons

I've managed to get myself a comfortable life with pretty good salary, house, car, stuff and an adorable other half, all whilst being between 5-7 stone overweight, so don't let your size be any kind of downfall, if you do struggle with it from time to time make sure you aspire to being the best you can by controlling the things you can influence all the time, that's the way i've done it....

without being patronising 16 is young, (i still feel young and you're half my age!!) but well done to you for having the balls to do something about it NOW!!!!!!!!

there's a lot of help and support on here so take advantage of it!!!!

choose the plan/diet to suit you, and if it's no right to begin with then change to somenthing else, but do not be defeatist, you can crack this and you will!!!

all the best

jay ;) (now with tired fingers)
Hi There!!

Congratulations on getting yourself out of this horrible food cycle we all seem to have had an issue with - especially as it sounds like you haven't had the best possible start in life which is bound to have an effect on anyone.

Well done on your weight loss so far, and all the best for getting to goal, as long as your heads in the right place and you keep positive you'll do it no probs!!!

Take care,

Ps, Well done to you as well Jay thats fantastic!!

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