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Hey Guys Help Me! Im New!

S: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb
Hey guys. This is my first post. I will be starting the cambridge diet tomorrow and really need some advice. I weigh fourteen stones and would love to lose three stones by end me january. Is that possible?

I also want to know the side effects i will feel and how long this will last. I also wantude to know what times i should have my shakes. Can i have two in the morning and one during the day?

I am very worried i wont be able to do it. =(
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Hi welcome to the forum.

Yes, it is possible to lose that much weight by January if you stick to the diet 100%. Side effects in the first week include dizziness, headaches, feeling weak etc - but I'm sure your consultant will give you an extensive list. You can have your cambridge products whenever you feel like it. I spread mine out during the day.

Don't worry, you will be fine. Good luck. :)
hey and try not to sound too worried !! I am restrating tomorrow after being off for an operation so I will be going through it with you !!
As long as you stay positive , drink lots of water and keep yourself distracted ( most people find they clean a lot in the first week and got to bed early !!) you will be fine . Just keep telling yourself that the first week may be very hard ... but it does get much easier and then it flies by :)

look at the diet as a positive thing rather than a negative one .. its all in your head really , if you think you can do it , then you probably can :)

It is possible to loose 3 stones by the end of jan if you stay 100 % it averages at 1 stone a month but many people have a biggish loss the first week

as for shakes its totally up to you when you have them , although its recommended to space them out a bit and not have them all together !!! I try and wait as long as possible for my first one , so I can have one at lunch , tea and one late evening :)

good luck and use this forum for all the support you need :)
S: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb
Thank you very much for taking your time out to reply to me, I appreciate it. I am a lot less scared now as we are all going or have been through this daunting first day/week. Oh and just another question i have a gym membership but have not been for the last two weeks due to transport problems. Should i temporarilly freeze it or get back tomorrow?
I am only 12 days into the CD, i was worried at first about side effects, having a highly physical job i was worried that i would
feel tired all the time and be unable to do a 13 hour shift,
however i found that i had more energy and felt less sleepy and
more 'on form'. I drank all the water i could during the day and
spaced out my shakes/soups. i didnt feel hungry.
I have had a day feeling like crap wanting to eat everything so think
the biggest difficulty is gettting your mind to stop expecting
food. do go to the gym, i've been using my treadmil and going
mountain biking in the evening some nights too and feel fine.
i really think the mental side effects are wayyyyyyyyyyy
harder then the physical.
good luck.


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My tip for the first week is to keep really really busy. I was really lucky I was so busy and maxed out the first week that I didn't have time to think let alone eat, so other that a slight headache at the end of the first day I didn't notice any side effects at all. By the time things slowed down after 2 weeks I was well into the diet and had the weight loss to motivate me.

Good Luck today ;-)


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Hi hun

Welcome!! And good luck!!
In my first week I had my
Shakes really late on in the day as find I don't feel hungry if undone eat - it was once I had my first shake I got hungry but then had 2 more shakes to have in the evening which helped!

I had mine bout mid day - 4 and 8!

I now have them at 7am. Mid day and 4pm!

Can't wait to hear how u get on!! Xxx
S: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb
So end of day one today. It went much better than i expected. Kept myself busy as you advised and, Other than a slight headache i am feeling fine. I am now going to sleep even though its not even nine pm! Sleep early so i can end on a good note or else im sacred i may take a nibble on the families dinner! Thanks for the support and advice guys. I am just hoping tomorrow is as good as today. Oh and just a quick question - time me the moth started today so will this effect the weigh in? X
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Well done on getting through day 1 :D

Time of the month may make you retain some water but it varies so much from person to person it's really hard to predict the effects.


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Hello !
Well firstly yes it is achievable, and I say that as someone who was 14.12 and then got to 11 stone in 12 weeks.

My losses are in my sig and also my diary, from day 1.......I posted for 84 days, every day I posted how I felt and it can be very hard, but some days are better than others.

Going by my losses I lost about that by week 11, I am now restarting as I was silly and let myself go !

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