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Hey guys...


Slimming down the aisle
Haven't been around for a few days, hope you've all been good in my absence! Though, I haven't... whoops. I went to London for a few days and ended up not being able to do my shakes, no blender or anything, managed to leave a bag of stuff behind!

Then I came back and went on it and then my niece managed to break her arm quite badly and has been at the hospital for the past 3 days waiting for a slot in theatre. She came home last night but it meant that I spent the last 3 days going between my sisters to get stuff and be with the other children and the hospital, so CD kind of went out the window!

According to my scales I think I've lost 2lbs, but I might be wrong! I would have thought I'd have put on weight. I didn't go mad in London or over the past few days, though I'll admit I didn't really have the healthiest of food sometimes, but I would have been well under 2000 calories each day, which I guess may be why I don't think I've put anything on, I've still been under my BMR.

So I started, was doing well, had a couple of small blips, went off plan for Italy, came back, got back into Ketosis, went to London and forgot stuff and so went off plan, came back started again, had stuff with my niece, and now I'm starting back on track again... is an eventful journey! I figure if I can cope with this diet, I can cope with anything! I should be fine getting into ketosis, haven't had any problems the two times I've done it before. My biggest problem is going to be water... I never was very good at it! I usually forget to take my thyroxin tablets too... whoops. If I would just take the damn tablet and drink the damn water I'd probably be doing a lot better than I am!
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Cambridge Consultant
Hey Caroline,
Welcome back hon, sorry you have had a hard few days what with one thing and another..
Did you enjoy your trip to London? Hope so.. Sorry to hear about your niece hope she is getting better poor thing..
Sounds like you chose the healthy options when you did eat so dont beat yourself up about it just jump back on and try and be good with your water and it will help to.


Slimming down the aisle
Yeah the trip to London was really good, was a big confidence boost for me. Was first time I've seen quite a few people since starting the diet and they noticed and commented which was really nice. Didn't really want to come back!! Yeah my niece is fine, at home now, just bored I think! It's going to be a long 7 weeks for her!

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