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Extra Easy Hey! Im a newbie

I started sw about 5 wks ago.got the info from a friend and been browsing this fab site.got the app on my phone now so hoping to continue posting and getting inspiration from all you lovely ppl.

Iv been keeping a diary everyday since I started.only realised half way thru about the 1/3 superfree thing.I know it's just a way of controlling the portion size tho,and as I do t normally give myself huge portions I think I'll be okay.

Lost 12lbs since I started... Yey! I'm 5 ft 8 and had crept up to 10st 12. I'm not overweight enough to join the club,but my friend had had success and I thought it sounded perfect to loose say 1 1/2 st max.

I think sw is brilliant,it's basically healthy eating.my skin has improved cos of all the fruit n veg and iv been drinking loads of water :) iv yoyo dieted for years mossy on ww,never kept it off for long. Feeling so much happier now,probably only 9 lbs more to loose,but I reckon sw is great for maintaining that loss.

Sorry for the uber long post,just thought I'd introduce myself :)

Gem x
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Can also ask anyone to help me with something......I do the EE everyday cos my brain can't do green/red (just yet anyhow! ;)).I was wondering..I know I'm only allowed 1 hexA and 1 hexB a day doing EE,but iv been having only half my milk allowance of 250 ss milk, so iv been having my other half of hexA by eating just 1 babybel light ( I'm allowed 2 a day as a hexA) is this okay.also same with hexB.I have 1 weetabix for breakie n 1 slice of wholemeal for lunch or maybe not at all.would appreciate sone advise as to whether iv been naughty ;) doing that.ta x


Watch this space...
Hi and welcome :)

I can answer the HE question. If you asked SW they'd probably say no but if you read the countless threads on here - it's a known and acceptable tweak :) Also it looks like it's been working for you so that's good enough for you.

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hi gem welcome to minimins well done on ur loss so far and good luck losing the rest of ur lbs x
Ahh thanks :) I was thinking it mustn't be too naughty if I'd lost weight. Iv been having cereal with milk on,but drinking my tea black so thought I'd get my calcium from my babybel,plus I have a major cheese addiction! If I can't have my Stilton for free,I'll have a little babybel hee hee! Thanks for ur help.

This forum is an absolute god send! Gonna go get some muller yogurt for my night shift tonight-didn't realise the toffee ones were syn free yahoo!
Hey often split my hex's! 1 slice nimble and 2 ryvita being popular with me!!! Xx
I'm the same. I often split my allowances as there is no way that I would drink 250ml s/s milk, so have half and then half of another HEXA makes me think that I'll not losing out too much xx
Yep that's my way of thinking too :) sw is a fab eating plan (don't like calling it a diet,cos it doesn't feel like one).I'm never hungry,feel great n most family dinners are easily adjusted.plus for once in my life I'm eating my 5 a day or normally more ! :)

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