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Hey I'm New :)

Hiya everyone :) Im Nickie, im starting Lipotrim tomorrow morning with the aim of losing 6 stone (or until i feel happy and comfortable in myself again) Im 32 years old and have been 'battling the bulge' now for half of my life, its now time to do something about it so i dont feel ashamed to be out and about with my 2 young boys, plus i want to go to Alton Towers and fit in the rides and the next time i fly i dont want to be uncomfortable in my seat, ooh im ranting!! Not too familiar with sites like this so be gentle with me, just wanted to say hi though :) x x :)
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Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Nickie. I totally understand where you come from about the flying! I don't like flying anyway but to be wedged in a seat for hours at a time isn't nice is it?

Good luck for starting today, you will be fine. Just drink plenty of water, stay positive and keep your goals in mind, that really will help you along. Come on here for any advice or support or just a laugh really, it really can be a lifesaver.

Stick to LT 100% and the weight really will fall off and the time really flies on this too.

Good luck and I look forward to reading about your first weigh in!


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Hiya and welcome to the "club"...lol.....we are a great bunch, here to help each other ......have a giggle too......and make a few cyberfriends along the way.
As already said if you stick with it 100% you will be amazed.......its a great diet......the first week is the hardest, though if you are lucky you will breeze through it......I had a headache for a couple of days but took my usual painkiller.......and dont forget the good old H2o
Hi and welcome
Congratulations for taking the first step to a brand new you. I promise you won't regret it and in no time at all the weight will just fall off you and you'll feel great. Like the ladies said, stay positive, drink loads of water. Week 1 will be over in a flash and you'll be well on your way then. Best of luck and stay in touch with the forum - it's great especially if you're having a down day - always someone around to perk you up:)


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hello nickie, like you, i to have alot of weight to lose! but this diet will get you to you feeling great again no time :) as for the areoplane i totally know what you mean, last year i squeezed my belt round me because i didnt want the embaressment of having to ask for an extention for it! .....and dont even get me started on theme parks lol, i have vowed never to go back to one till im slim! you will get back in your comfy zone again in no time chick, stick with it and you will see fabulous results, the hard work will all be worth it! :) xx
Thanks for the encouragement guys, i managed to get through day 1 ok. Im having a few side effects, i felt quite spaced out last night and although i am drinking loads of water my mouth feels really dry is this normal, i feel like my thirst isnt been quenched even though i had 3 litres of water yesterday plus black coffee plus my shakes. I really feel the need to weigh myself, daft i know after 1 day but ive managed to resist the temptation so far:) Are there any other side effects of this diet that may happen? x x x


I *will* be skinny again!
Welcome Nickie!

This diet is great! You won't believe how it melts off of you! You should measure yourself to see how many inches you lose as well, it's great to see the results!

If you want a mix up of drinks you can try soda or sparkling water. Sometimes feels good to have a bubbly type of drink! I also make iced green tea, so nice and refreshing. Or you can try peppermint tea.

One side effect you'll definetly have is the bad breath. It's enevitable. Once you hit ketosis you're mouth will feel all ick haha. I picked up some listerine strips online though, as they are allowed. Good luck :D


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the main side affects seem to be , headaches,dizzyness, hunger pangs, feeling cold all the time, horrible breath, lack of energy, sometimes mood swings (not everyone as them though lol)also in the first couple of weeks i really suffered from dry sore lips, and this week theyve come back, i guess everyone as different side affects x x
Hiya hun! Welcome to the mad house - we're all in the same boat - desperate to lose weight and willing to go without food to do it! It's hard work as people have said - but saying that I haven't had any major side effects - just great losses!

Good luck with it - we're all behind you! xxx
Hi there Nickie,

Welcome to LT (and this forum)....BOTH of them life-changing.
LT will become your best friend and even though the first week is really tough you will be amazed at the weight you will lose. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing your first WI



Back to reality!
Yes you are allowed! Also mouthwash and Listerine strips will become your new best friend!
T x
hi nickie im hopefully starting lipotrim tomorrow i went to the chemist today and got the dvd and im back tomorrow for my consultation ive got 5 stone to lose cant wait to get started just not looking forward to the first few days but im determined to do it 100% i dont want to be fat all my life im 34 and weigh 15-3 would love to get to 10 stone wish me luck xx
hiya thanks tigerlill i was starting to panic! clairelouise, is that how it works, you have to watch a dvd first?? im really restricted by my work hours/ public transport so i was hoping to just go into the chemist saturday first thing and have the whole thing sorted out? wont it happen like that? :s
I watched the DVD at home, you can see it through the lipotrim website. It's about 38 mins long, but actually worth watching as t explains loads about how it works. Then I just popped to the chemists, filled in a form, weighed in, and Bob's your uncle!

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