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Hey ! Newbie..

Hey everyone i came across this on google just mostly for support etc when dieting ... keep me going lol

Story ..

Untill i had my baby was 5'6 and size 8 that was a little too slim for my height but nevertheless i was happy .

Now a year and a half on my lil' kiddie is doing great and is 100% perfect , but my weight has gone up to a size 14 tried everything ... Gym , Swimming , diets , even slimming pills . Nothing is shifting it .

I wonder if any of you have any ideas of a way of losing weight to suit a mother and also someone who works .


Mandy Pops:eek::eek::eek::cool:
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:wavey: Mandypops

:welcome: to minimins

There is a section here on just about every diet under the sun. have you thought about WW SW or something like that? would you be able to get to a class? im on Cambridge diet. have you thought about vlcd's? there is Lipotrim and lighterlife aswell.

becky x
im guessin ww is weight watchers but im not sure what sw is ?

I say diets its not been structured ones just cuttin out rubbish but sayin that i dont eat alot :| drives me mad ! lol

thanks for the welcome :D

i spoke 2 a lady in my area about lighter life but the meetings we're in the evening n i work at night its such a pain:(

im not sure what vlcds is either sorry im a total dunce lol :confused:

i'll read up on the ones i understood thanks xx :D
SW slimming world :)

VLCD Very low calorie diets :) lighterlife i think is a group thing and is a bit more dearer that CD cambridge and LT lipotrim.

With CD you go to a counsellor, its one to one.

LT is done through chemists so they would be open most weekends aswell to get weighed etc :) any more questions just ask :)
Hi and welcome. Have a look at the various sections in the site and you will see there are success stories with each diet. Also have a look at the individual websites for more info.

Irene xx
Thanks Very much for the info girlies i'll b sure to have a look , had a look at the CD website last night looks pretty good . Will talk 2 the bf see what he thinks . trying for a joint venture . lol

One kiddie but he has his own food that we dont touch.

Have 2 have food inthe house tho i rely on my father n my bfs mother 2 look after the wee one while im at work so need 2 get them fed lol !


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